Date 10/12/11
So I officially updated everything! All of my latest blogs since 2010 are below and my pictures are all updated! I promise to be on the site A LOT more, but to see what is going on with me on a daily basis follow me on twitter which is... . tweet me and I promise to tweet back as soon as possible! And for my older fans...i just made a tumblr. im new to it so bear with me, but ONLY if you're older, check it out! its... Thank you guys for everything! I love you all! Can't wait to talk to all of youu...please don't be shy on twitter or if you're older tumblr :) <3

Date 10/11/11
Hey guys!! I am SO sorry that I havent been on here in FOREVER...but I am backk now! I took some time off to go to high school/college and live some life. I met a lot of great friends, made a lot of amazing memories, and had a lot of fun. after about a year of being in high school, I graduated class of 09' and went to my local college. I just recently finished up my second year of college. And I turned 18 in February!! :) I wanted to post some recent pictures and update everyone on what has been going on with me!! So beware of a lot of info coming your way…but be patient with me please, I have a lot to tell you guys about so it may take me awhile to get it all completely updated!! Check out the pics to see what is new and the new blogs are below this one...everything from 2010 to 2011 are all new blogs that I am putting up now. Love and Miss you guys <3

Date 9/23/11
Today my friend, who is a photographer, decided to use Tay and I for a little shoot he thought up. We dressed up and went to a local playground and had a lot of fun being the usual goofs that we are! We felt like little kids again. The pictures actually turned out really I asked him to send them to me. I wanted to post some so you all could see the most recent pictures of me! :)

Date 8/4/11
Wow...that was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I just got home from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Luncheon! The HFPA gives out money to charities every year and Lollipop Theater Network was lucky enough to get one of these grants. Lollipop asked me to go accept the grant and thank them on behalf of LTN. It was honestly the coolest thing I think I have ever done. I got to sit at a table of grantees and meet some of the other amazing grantees. I also got to meet Leo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Gerald Butler, Hugh Dancy, Lea Michelle, and a few other really awesome celebrities. Tay Lautner was also there and it was such a small setting so that made it nice for me to have a friend there. I had a lot of fun and everyone was sooo nice. Also...Leo was SUPER hot in person. just saying. hahahah. But in all seriousness, I felt very blessed to be able to go! I have a few pictures, check those out! :)

Date 5/29/11
My best friend since I was 5, Jocy, was in town to visit with her family this last weekendd. It was a lot of fun and great to see her!!! I hadn't seen her since my 17th birthday! But we picked back up right where we left we never skipped a day! We hung out at my house and had a sleepover one night and then the next night her family was staying up in Santa Barbara. I have friends who live up there too and coincidentally it was one of those friends I went up to SB and got to spend an extra day with Jocy! We had lots of fun and she got along with my friends really well! I have a few pictures from the weekendd...go check them out:)

Date 5/12/11
soooo...I finally saved up and got the Jeep that I have alwayss wantedd!! I've been saving for awhile and trying to figure out whether or not to get it, but after all that...I decided to do it! It's a 2011 Cherry Red Jeep. I've wanted a red Jeep ever since I was a little girl. It's my new baby and I'm still working on a name for her :P lol. I got the opportunity to do a photo shoot with my new was a lot of fun to play around with! I posted the pictures so you guys could see them!! :)

Date 5/8/11
Yesterday was Lollipop Theater Network's 3nd Annual Game Day Event!! It was sooo much funnn!!! I always look forward to it every year. I hung out with the founder, Evelyn, Steven Lunsford, Maddy Davenport, and Ryan Newman almost all day! We had sooo much fun taking pictures and messing around in the photobooth. It has been a long running joke that Ryan is me and Steven's child. We took a picture about three years ago and someone jokingly said that she looked like our needless to say, we joke about it all the time now. Everytime we are all together we call each other husband, wife, and daughter. hahhahaha. We even took a family photo and an extremly awkward family photo in the photobooth. lol. It was also amazing to meet some of the kids from the hospital who got to come out! They were all so sweet! I can't wait for next years Game Day! I put the pictures up for all of you guys to see! :)

Date 3/8/11
Me, my mom, and my best friend Tay just got back from an AMAZING trip to Florida. My mom and I go every year around this time to visit my Aunt Pegi and this year I decided to bring my best friend. Her birthday is in March so I decided to surprise her with the ticket to go as her birthday present! We stayed with my Aunt's house and rode horses, played around in the stables, went to the beach, went to the Everglades and saw alligators, went looking for manatees, and hung out around the house with my Aunt and her boys. It was hilarious after dinner one night, my mom even took a picture of me and Tay doing the dishes because we apparently never do them at home...hahahah...I do the dishes, I swear :P Me and Tay also got made fun of by my Aunt and my mom because every night we fell asleep watching a Disney movie! lol. But after we went to my Aunt's, we traveled down to Key West and stayed there for a night. It was soooo gorgeous. Then on our last day we went to South Beach in Miami. That was pretty crazy...the beach was BEAUTIFUL but the people were a little crazy :P hahah. I loved every minute of the trip though. I had the most amazing time with my mama and Tay!! I have pictures from the trip, so go look at those! :)

Date 2/27/11
I AM OFFICIALLY 18, A LEGAL ADULT :) woahh...that sounds scary, wahhhhhh I wanna go back to being a kid again! lol. I spent my birthday weekend in Palm Springs with some of my closest friends! I rented a house with a basketball court, pool, hot tub, and tennis court. The house was amazing and it was sooo nice having all of my closest friends in one spot. Me and my really good friend Nick actually have the same birthday, so we got to celebrate it together with all of our friends! We all had the time of our lives! It was such an amazing birthdayyy!! :) And thank you guys for all of the birthday wishes. You guys are awesomeeee!!! Check out my birthday weekend pictures!! <3

Date 2/20/11
Happy 18th birthday to my good friend Victoria <3 Her birthday was yesterday and I went to her birthday party last night with my family, Jessica Newman (Ryan's older sis who is my bro Drew's age), and my best friend Taylor. We all had a lot of fun dancing and me, Tay, and Jess got some henna tattoos. It was my first time getting a henna, so I was a little freaked out but they only last about a week or two so that was fine with me! lol. I got to see a lot of friends I haven't seen in awhile like Steven Lunsford, Erin Sanders, Josh Hucherson, and of course Vic! It was really awesome to see everyone!! I have a few pics from the night, so check those out! :)

Date 2/14/11
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY:) I hope everyone had a great day!! GUESS WHAT?! i got surprised with a kitten for my valentines gift! I've wanted a kitten forever and today when I was getting ready to go out to dinner with Blake...all of a sudden the tiniest kitten came stumbling into my bathroom!! She is a tuxedo cat and she had the cutest red necklace with a diamond and bell on it. I about died when I saw her. I looked at my mom in shock and said, " There is a kitten in our bathroom!!". She just looked at me and smiled and then Blake came around the corner with a huge smile on his face. It was honestly the cutest moment ever!! I couldn't believe that he actually got me a little kitten!! She is the sweetest thing. I decided her name is Bentley. She is a Christmas kitten (Her bday is Christmas Eve). She also has the funniest looking markings. She has a black patch right above her lip that makes her look like she has a hitler mustache. It's really funny! I am absolutely in love with her!! <3 :)

Date 12/29/10
Last night I had a Christmas girls night with all of my girl friends! We ate yummy food, danced around my house, played kinect on the xbox, listened to some awesome music, had some amazing talks, and stayed up until reallyyyyyy late!! We all had tons of fun!! And a word to the sugar after 10pm or you're destined to stay up until at least 1am until you crash from the sugar high. lol. I have a few pictures from the night, so check those out! <3

Date 9/27/10
My mom, my best friend Taylor (I know, it's confusing. lol), and I decided to do a little photoshoot in Malibu today! We both wore long dresses and ran around the beach while my mom took pictures! One of my moms passions is photography so that kinda works out good because I love to model. It was a lot of fun and we all had a blast just being goofballs at the beachh all day! Tay and I did end up getting in a water fight though...I'm pretty positive I won though :P hahah. Check out the pictures to see what big of dorks Tay and I are. :)

Date 7/25/10
I went on my first backpacking camping trip ever!! I went to this place called dinky creek. It's up by shaver lake in california. We drove five hours on the freeway, went off roading for an hour, then had to backpack an hour to our campsite. We also didn't have any cell service at all. I went from Thursday to Sunday night. It was a big step for a girl who has never even been camping before! hahaha. But I went with my really good friends and I had the time of my life. We jumped off 50ft cliffs into the water, slid down natural waterslides in the granite, cooked all of our food while hanging by the campfire, and watched the stars at night. It was by far the high light of the summer for me. And surprisingly, this girly girl actually did a good job camping...aside from the large scar on my arm from falling off of a log on the way to go look at stars the first night! -__- lol. Check out the pictures to see how gorgeous it was there!! :)

Date 5/29/10
I had the most amazing opportunity to be able to go to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to visit the villages and help bring food and water to them with a charity called I jumped at the opportunity and I am so beyond blessed to have went. I went with the main people involved with, some people from Children's Hunger Fund, my mom, my good friend Ryan Newman, and her mom. We all had the most amazing experience. I met some spectacular people and saw things that most people don't ever see. It was so devastating to see the conditions most of these children and their families were living in. I was so sad that we were only there for five days, there was a lot more I would have loved to have done. I watched kids give their only food for the day away to a friend who they thought needed it more than them. The kids never seemed to fight over anything. They were so happy and they had so little. I loved meeting all of them!! A lot of them were lucky if they got a full meal a day. After all that, it was really hard to come back home and see all of the things that we have and take for granted. I will never forget my time there or the people that I met. God blessed me immensely by giving me the opportunity to go. I hope to be able to do a lot more things like this through out my life! I will post some pictures of my trip so you can all see my trip! :)

Date 9/23/09

hey guysss:) i just wanted to let everyone know that i now have a Twitter account!! ive been on it talking to people and its really cool! so add me and lets chat:) my twitter is:

Date 8/1/09
august came wayy too quciklyy. this is crazy! hahaha. i cant believe its almost fall already! i mean, i start college in like 23 days! thats so insane. i had an absolutely amazing summer thoughh!! its been one of the best! i hope you guys have had a good summer too!! what did you guys do? :) well, i have to go eat dinner. love you guys so much!! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 7/30/09
whyy hello guyss!! i got back home from michigan last night!! i had such an amazing time!! and it was so wonderful to see all my family. i missed everyone so very much!! and hey, everyone loved blake so thats good news!!! hahahaha:) silly michigan, it rained pretty much the entire time that we were there. but the beach house was so much fun!! we played a mean game of spoons pretty much every night! i even have bruises from it! hahah. it was intense, trust me. we packed the house full of people. it was insane! but soooooo much fun! we laughed so hard and even though we were stuck inside most of the time, we made the very best of it. there were a few nice days up there thoughh! we went swimming and down this giant slide, played putt putt, and i got owned in water wars by blake!! he kicked my butt! i was so soaked from the water balloons! hahah. it was hilarious thoughh! sadly though some of us werent feeling too good and it was still rainy, so we couldnt go up to the cabin like we wanted too! we were all really sad about that. but we still made the most of it. we went to this mini amusement park place called cj barrymores and hung out. we got to visit more with friends since we were in the city. we still had tons of fun there. and went to my favorite place called "greenfield village" which is part of the henry ford museum. but its way cool because you walk around into really cool places, like the real place thomas edison created the lightbulb. i love it so much and it was fun to take blake there to see it! my mom took some amazing photos, by the end of the day blake wanted to seriously hide my moms camera on her, but the pics turned out great! by the time the last day of the trip rolled around we were all soo exhausted, but in a good way! hahaha. im glad to be back after my extremely busy summer! but dont get me wrong, this whole summer has been one of the bests so far!! ive had so much fun!! now i have to buckle down and get my schedule worked out for college this fall. and im ready to start going back on auditions since im back in town! i missed them! hahaha. check out the pictures!! love you guyss!! hope youre having a fun summer!! xoxo. God bless!

Date 7/24/09
heyy! its really late at night here. im at my aunts, it the only place i have gotten internet so far, but i just wanted to stop by and say hi really quick. this last week up at the beach house was so much fun! a lot of my family came up to visit! we had so many people snuggled in to one little cabin! it was a blast thoughh!! so many wonderful memories! we all kind of have cabin fever now though because it rained pretty much all week :P hopefully it will get better so we can hurry up and go up north to gramps! haha. well i got to go to bed! talk to you guys when i get back! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 7/15/09
we leave for michigan tonight!! im really exciteddd!! i havent seen my family in about a year so its going to be so nice to go back and see everyone! i also cant wait to introduce blake to everyone:) we are renting a beach house on the lake and going up there first for a week! then we are planning on going up to my grandpas cabin up north and hanging out there most of the second week! im so beyond excitedd! i dont know if ill have internet service, but if i do, ill pop by and say hi! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 7/8/09
as if i havent been out of town enough! haha. im actually leaving in a week for michigan to visit family! ill be there for two weeks. and my whole family is going, plus blake:) itll be a lot of fun and i cant wait to see all my friends and family! i just wanted to touch base and say hi! i hope everyone is having a good week!! love you guys a lot!! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 7/4/09
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYONE!!!! be safe and have fun:)

Date 7/3/09
haiiii. i just got back from new york! i had the most amazing time of my life. it was such a life changing experience and such a blessing that i went. i got to see the world through Gods eyes. man is it beautiful. we helped out with homeless people all week long. for me, it broke the "stereotype" that homeless people are "scary" or any of those things. they arent. they are people too. Gods people. and He loves them just as much. throughout this whole week i witnessed so much of Gods love that it is overwhelming. He is truly amazing. and this trip really gave me such a confidence both in my faith, and in life that ive never had before. and it feels so beyond wonderful. i cant even describe it. im just so genuinely excited to wake up every morning to see what God has in store for me today. He is my Savior and i love Him with all my heart. this trip was such an eye-opener for me. and i had the best time! cayden and jenna boyd go to drew and i's youth group, so we were with them all week. it was so much fun to spend so much time with jenna. i had missed her a lot. and i missed having such an awesome friend. all week her and i were together and we met some pretty amazing people. the group we were in was great too! the leaders made everything lots of fun. we worked hard thoughh and slept on hard floors. even though it was difficult and our legs and feet were sore from walking anywhere to 12 miles a day, we always felt better knowing we were doing this for our Lord. it was so nice to meet and talk to some of the homeless people we did. they were all so nice, and all had their own sad story. we always would pray for them and then be on our way. im telling you, this experience really was invaluable to me. i loved every second of it. and i know my brother had an awesome time too! i have some pictures we took! some of them are silly ones. we were a goofy group so we'd take random pictures. like one morning i fell asleep in the subway next to jenna, they def got a picture of that :P hahahaha. its funny! so check those out soon! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 6/27/09
heyy! i just got back from hawaii late last night! it was so much fun! and sooooo beyond relaxing! i got a lot of awesome pictures, so when i get some time ill put them up! we swam pretty much everyday, went shopping in a little town called lahiana (dont know if i spelt that right! haha), went snorkeling in an old volcano crater, and just went exploring everywhere. it was such an awesome vacation. i feel so rejuvenated and relaxed. im super excited to go to new york tomorrow! not so excited about having to be at the airport at 5 in the morning!! which means i have to get up by like 430! blake is actually getting up in the morning and riding down to the airport with my family! i told him hes crazy! lol. i miss my family. its hard only being home for barely 24 hours. good news is, my brother is coming with me to new york. so i get to see him:) we are going to new york with our youth group to help out in the not so nice parts of town. im really excited. ive been to ny a few times, but my bro has never been there. im excited to show him around. i have no idea what to expect thoughh. im just excited to spend a week with God! i wont have any internet service or anything there, so i have to say goodbye for now. and ill talk to you guys when i get back! wish me luckk. and ill try to take some pics for everyone!! have a good week! lovesss. xoxo. God bless:)

Date 6/24/09
just wanted to say a quick helloo from hawaii!! it is extremely gorgeous here!! its like nothing i have ever seen before! i wish my family was here to see it with me! im having so much fun thoughh. swimming and relaxing is the best. my two favorite things to do! im sad its all over in two days! but im also excited because the day after i get home from hawaii, i leave for new york with my youth group! this is one busy summer! haha. well i got to go! lovess. xoxo. God Bless:)

Date 6/20/09
hey guyss!! i leave for a vacation in hawaii with blakes family todayy!! im really really excited! ive never been to hawaii before. i hear its gorgeous and i cant wait to see it in person:) it was so nice of blakes family to invite me to go with them! im going to miss my family a lot, but its only six days, and im going to be in hawaii!! what more can you ask for:P hahaha. its going to be so nice and relaxing. i love the beach so i cant wait to swim! i got to go finish packing! ill def take pics for you guys. and i will let you knoww how it is! love you guys lots!! xoxo. God bless!

Date 6/4/09
ohhmyyy. my little brother is graduating from junior high today!! im on my way to his 8th grade graduation right now!! thats soo weird to me! i feel so old. hahahah. i cant believe my little buddy is going into his freshman year. that to me is just crazy! ahhhhh. hahah. how time flies. im really really proud of him though. and i know he will enjoy himself in high school. hes got a lot of fun times headed his way! good news is ive been there, so i can be his protective older sis whether he likes it or not:P hahaha. i know hes really excited to graduate. i invited karina and blake to come see him, so hes really excitedd. he loves them both a lot so hes happy! well, ive got to go. the ceremony is about to start! love you guyss! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 5/28/09
whyhelloooo:) yesterday was so much fun! i had the most amazing last day!! i got everyone to sign my yearbook and i hung out with all of the friends that i wanted too! all the seniors actually pulled this huge senior prank! they all dressed up as vikings and in other random costumes and threw water balloons around the school in a big viking boat. it was hilarious! the whole school came out to watch. i think it was one of the best senior pranks to date. the sheriffs even showed up at the school while the police helicopter circled it. it was the craziest thingg! it was sooo much fun thoughh:) tonight is actually the graduation ceremony for everyone so im going to watch with my mom and blakes family! its so sad knowing im not going to see more than half these people ever again!! but im going to def try to keep in touch for the most part. some of my friends are going to the same community college as i am, so im hoping we get classes together! i know blake and i are already planning what classes we are going to take together! hahaha:) well, i have to go watch the ceremony, lets hope i dont cry!! hahahahahaha. im suchh a babyy. talk to you guys later!! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 5/27/09
heyyy!! its the very last day of school todayy for all the seniors! im so sad the year is over. i feel like it went by all too quickk!! most of my friends are seniors, and going off to college, so im going to miss them all so very muchh!! hopefully we all stay in touch though! i actually decided that im actually going to go to college next year. i technically already have my diploma, so i could have gone this whole time, but i wanted to see what high school was like and go for a little bit! ive been in high school for about two years now and it was tons of fun, but i just think college is the right place for me right now. ive done tons of thinking about it, and talked to my parents and my counselors and im just ready for that stage of my life to start. and most of my friends were all seniors anyways, so that made it an easier decision too! its been an amazing year. and throughout school i made some really good friends, had some awesome times, and made some absolutely wonderful memories. im sad to see high school go, but im really excited for what God has in store for me for the future. im really hoping i book something this fall. that would be the most amazing thing. i miss being on a set a lot, so im just praying that a part may be in store for me! if not then that is totally okkay! i know God has a plan and its better than mine could ever be. He has perfect timing, so for now, i let Him guild me in all i do. heres to the last day of high school!! that sounds so weird to say. i couldnt be more nervous or excited. well, its time for school so i got to go!! ill let you know how the last day goes! love you guysss!! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 5/16/09
last night was soooo much fun!! hahha. i had a really really great timee! it was insane thoughh! so many kids from other schools ended up coming and the dance was packedd!! it was outside thoughh so that made it nice. they had rides, and a photography company even came and took some fun pictures for us. it looked like a nightclub or somethingg. i had so much fun with everyonee! i cant believe its the last dance of the year! this semester has gone by so quickly. but its been tons of fun! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 5/15/09
heyy guyss:) tonight is my school MORP dance. its the very last dance of the year. and its this crazy dance where you can dress however you want. the theme is "prom gone wrong" therefore its name, morp, which is prom spelt backwards. its really a lot of fun! and i had a great time last year so im thinking that this year is going to be a lot of fun too!! im going with blake, karina, and a few of blakes friends. we are all wearing tshirts we tie-dyed, so we all match in a certain way. im really really excitedd. ill let you know how it goess:) xoxo. God bless

Date 5/3/09
hellooooo:) last nights prom was sooooo amazingg! i had the time of my life! before prom, i went with blake, a few of his friends, and my best friend karina to take pictures outside in a really pretty neighborhood. everyone looked so great and the pictures turned out awesome!! after taking pictures with everyone we all left and drove to the school to take professional pictures with our dates there and wait in line to walk this catwalk they had where they announced every couple. we waited for a really long time, but had a lot of fun socializing and seeing everyone. when we finally got to the catwalk, they called blake and i's names and we walked down. all of the parents were there and they all took pictures. then we got to the buses and started on the long hour and a half bus ridee! hahaha. i was lucky enough to get a lot of my friends in the same bus as me, so the ride went by really fast. by the time we got there it was dark and everyone was ready to eat. karina and i just wanted to start dancing. hahaha. we both love it. so we all ate quickly and ran downstairs to dance. the place they held the prom at was absolutely beautiful! they had the original air force one there too. we walked through that and it was super cool! the place also had a lower area where you could dance. they had a patio too and the view was so pretty! i spent the whole night dancing and mingling with blake and all my friends. it was so much fun. and such an amazing experience. blake was so sweet the whole night and stayed by my side. we had the most wonderful time!! when it was finally time to go we were all so tiredd. haha. it was an awesome night that ill never forget! check out some of the pictures that we took:) xoxo. God bless!!

Date 5/2/09
heyy guyss!! tonight is my high school prom!!! i am so beyond exciteddd! especially to be going with blake:) ill take as many pictures as i can for you. talk to you guys laterr! xoxo. God bless :D

Date 4/25/09
ohhhmyygoodness. the cutest thing in the world just happened to me! this guy blake, who i met in a class at school, asked me to prom!! him and i have been friends for a little while now, and we've been on a few dates. well, he asked me to go to this place called paradise cove with him for breakfast! so i got up really early and got ready, he picked me up and we drove down to paradise cove in malibu beach. it is the cutest little place where you can eat right on the beach and it has its own little cove you can walk around in. before breakfast we decided we'd go on a little walk on the beach and as i turned a corner of the rocky cove, there written with seashells and stained glass in the sand was "Prom?" it was the most adorable and romantic thing i have ever witnessed in my life!! i seriously almost cried, it was so sweet. of course i said yes!!! afterwards we went back and ate breakfast. we both had french toast cuz its our favorite. and then the waitress came over with a dozen roses and said they were for me! blake just smiled really big. and i was so beyond happy it was ridiculous. i am the biggest hopeless romantic so to me, it was the most amazing thing ever!!! i feel like i havent stopped smiling since then:) i cannot wait to go to prom with blake. its going to be a lot of fun! its may 2nd so its coming up!! i will def take pictures and let you guys know how it was:) xoxo. God bless:)

Date 4/15/09
whyy helloooooooothere. im sorry i havent written in awhileee. ive been busy with auditons, school, and homeworkk (which is never fun:P). i hope you guys have been having a wonderful month of april! i know mine has been fun:) i just wanted to drop by and say hiii. love you guyss! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 3/15/09
hey guyss!! ohhhhmyy. my birthday party was tons of fun! it was a dance partyy so we all danced the night away:) it was sooo wonderful seeing all my friends too. i hadnt seen a lot of them in a while. one of my favorite parts of the night was when my friend stephen started a marshmallow fight! it was beyond hilarious and really fun. it was a hassle to clean up though:P good news was a few friends were nice enough to stay back and help us out in cleaning up. all in all it was a really fun party and i had an amazing time. thankk you to everyone who camee:) i may have a few pictures to put up, so look for those soon!! xoxo. God bless:)

Date 3/13/09
hellooooooo:) my best friends from arizona are coming to town todayy!! my birthday party is tomorrow so they came in to visit and go to the partyy. im so excitedd!! i missed them A LOT. and i cant wait to see them! i also cant wait to see all my friends at my birthday party tomorrow night! its going to be a lot of fun:) well, i got to goooo. ill try to take pictures tomorrow:)

Date 2/27/09

i just wanted to say thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!! you guys are the best! :)

i had a wonderful sixteenth birthday yesterday! i got a few surprises from friends which was really awesome. and then i went to a birthday dinner with my family and a few friends. it was fun and they sang happy birthday to me really loud! haha. all in all it was a really amazing birthday! :)

andd guess what?? i passed my license test! so i am offically a licensed driver! ahhhhhh im sooo excited and freaked out all at the same time! everyone tells me im a really safe driver though so thats goooood. but its so weird to think im sixteen years old and i can jump in my car and go somewhere. im sure its even weirder for my parents though. hahaha. they are already having me go run errands for them! haha. i dont mind at all though, its an excuse to go dri ve:)  

i love you guys so much! and thanks again for everything!


Date 2/26/09

its my birthdayy today!!!!!

im offically SIXTEEN years old! it feels so weird! but in a good wayy. im really really excited! im supposed to go take my driving test to get my license later on today. im praying i pass it! i will let you knoww! wish me luck!

love you guyss:)

Date 2/19/09

heyy guyss!

sorry i havent written in awhile ive been really busy with school and auditions! i hope everyone has been goooooooood!

i have two thingss.


i just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAYY to my really good friend victoria justice. i love you vic:)

&& two.

my birfday is in exactly one week!! i shall be sixteen years oldd!! i am beyond excited. you have no idea!! :D

Date 1/25/09


last night was my schools winter formal!! it was sooo much fun!! i surprised of friend of mine and took him to the dance with me! it was really cute. and we had an amazing night! we danced and even sang some karaoke. it was pretty intense im not gonna lie. hahha. all in all it was a pretty awesome night. im glad i went:)

Date 1/17/09

why helloo:)

last night i went to a suprise party for my friend erin sanders!! it was sooo much fun! and she was so suprised. it was adorable! i got to see a lot of friends i havnt seen in awhile so that was really cool too! we all hung out, played guitar hero, danced around, and just acted like goofballs in general. hahaha. it was such a fun night. i may have some picturess so you should totally check those out! :)


Date 1/2/09


i hope everyone had a very great new yearss! i had a lot of fun! my family and i went over a friends house and hung out for awhile. and then a friend of mine picked me up and we went to the moviess. it was a lot of fun:)

im really excited for 2009. i hope it brings a lot of new, exciting, and positive things for everyone! new years are always so awesome to me because its a whole new year filled with opprotunities. its exciting and fun!

well i love you guys. and thank you SO much for being so amazing! you guys are the best!

heres to a wonderful new year:)

Date 1/1/09


here is to a wonderful 2009!

have a fun night and be safeee:)

Date 12/26/08


i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas yesterday! mine was awesome. my family and i just hung out at home together. we have this tradition where we stay in our pjs all day no matter what we do, so that is what we did!! it was nice and relaxing. santa brought me a lot of amazing stuff too!! one of my favorite things he brought me was a professional camera (because i LOVE taking pictures)!! i love it. its soo cool.

well i hope everyone got everything they wanted!! im excited for the new year coming up!


Date 12/25/08

Merry Christmas!!

i hope you guys all have an amazingg christmass:)



Date 12/3/08

so i have the official date for my house episode! it airs next tuesday!! im really excited to see how it turned out!

tune in on tuesday to see me guest star on the show house!

lemme know what youu think:)

Date 12/1/08


i cannot believe its december already. this year went by faster than i could have ever imagined! so much has happened and i feel like ive been through so much, but it totally doesnt feel like a whole year has gone by! im freaking out! haha. i am excited for the new year though. new years are always nice because you feel like its a chance to start fresh or something haha.

well, i got to go. i have to do some homework, but i was just flipping out about it being december already so i wanted to share:) haha love youuu!

Date 11/30/08


i hope you guys all had a marvelous thanksgiving! i spent mine with my family, my uncle, and my best friends family. the food was delicious and it was so nice to see everyone! i missed them all sooo much! i also got to see a lot of friends i havent seen for awhile which was awesome. on the nights that i was there we stayed up really late and just hung out. its what we do every time im there, but it is the best. i love everyone there soo much! ill have pictures up soon:)

Date 11/27/08


i only have the computer for a second but i just wanted to drop by and say happy turkey day from arizona! hope you guys have fun and eat a lot of yummy food!

love you guys! and thank you soo much for all your love and support. you guys are the best and im so thankful for you:)

Date 11/24/08

my cousins left last night! i was sooo sad. they didnt stay nearly long enough. i tried to talk them into moving out here, but who knows if they will. haha. im going to miss them a lot though. we had so much fun while they were here. we did small stuff but it was just amazing having them here. i love them soo much! ill try to see if i can get some pictures up:)

im leaving for arizona on wednesday morning. we are going to visit my uncle and some friends for thanksgiving. i will try to write when im there, but i dont always have the best internet connection. if wost comes to worst ill write when i get back from arizona on saturday! i love youu all:)


Date 11/20/08


my cousins are coming to town tonight!! im soo happy. i havent seen them since this summer and it feels like way too long. they are staying until sunday night and we are totally planning to do a lot of fun stuff. just to see them is awesome enough for me though. well i will update after my cousins leavee:)

Date 11/16/08


this weekend was the most amazing weekend! it was so awesome to see all of my friends from youth group! we all had a blast together. and the outdoors was sooo beautiful you dont even understand. i didnt want to come home at all! hahaha. my favorite part though was that i felt really close to God. it was wonderful just to be able to escape and think about only the simple things in life. and realize how in the big picture, some of the things that really stress me out sometimes, when you take a step back you realize they really don't matter that much at all, and it takes leaving it, to be reminded of that. it was really relaxing and im so glad i went. it was perfect timing for me. 

ill have some pictures up soon. check them out:)

Date 11/14/08

hey guys!

i am getting ready to go leave for my fall retreat with my church (the same one as last year) again! i am soooo excited you dont even know! it will be really nice to get away for the weekend since school has been really stressful lately. plus i love the outdoors so it will be awesome! i will try to get some pictures up for you guys when i get back! talk to you sundayy:)

Date 11/1/08


i hope everyone had a wonderful halloween! i went to a halloween party that my friend was having. it was tons of fun. it was themed like the dark knight movie and the house it was at was really amazingly decorated. i have some pictures from it you should take a look at! i was blair waldorf from gossip girl for halloween! :)

Date 10/31/08


i hope all of you guys have a really fun and safe halloween:)

Date 10/26/08

why helloo:)

I just got back from the Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween Carnival. it was so much fun. and so good to meet all of the kids. i love the charity and everything they do so it was amazing when they invited me. i also got to see victoria which was awesome! i havent seen her in awhile so i had missed her. we hung out the whole time and then afterwards we decided to go to the movies with a group of our friends. we ended up hanging out later, but it was awesome to see everyone again.

hope everything is going good with all of youu! its crazyy that its october alreadyy! halloweens soooon! im excited:)

well i will talk to you later!

Date 10/18/08


i just got back from halloween horror nights at universial studios with some friends of mine from school! i get scared really easily so i was clinging on to them all night, but we had so much fun! the guys with the chainsaws are the worst though! i cant even deal with them. haha. the chainsaw guys and clowns freak me out so much!

well im super tiredd because its really late but i will check in with you guys soon:)

Date 10/11/08

hey guyss:)

i just wanted to write a quick note and say hi!

tonight is my schools homecoming dance and im super excited! it should be a lot of fun. the homecoming football game was last night and that was crazyy. it was so cold outside i felt like i was going to freeze! haha. my friends and i waited in line for hot chocolate for what seemed like a half hour and we were going insane from the cold! lol. well, i only got maybe 5 hours sleep the night before so that added to my craziness haha. but tonight should be really fun. im super excited! ill let you know how it goes and possibly get some pictures if i can! love you guys:)

xoxo, tay

Date 10/1/08

ohh wow! i cant believe it is october already! i feel like this year has gone by sooo fast! i just wanted to write and say hi:)

i cant wait for halloween! and i have my homecoming dance at school this month too! im excited for it all.

well, i got to go. just wanted to check in. love you all

xoxo, tay

Date 9/30/08

helloo guyss:)

I'm done shooting my episode of House! it was SO much fun! everyone on set was amazing. both the cast and crew were some of the nicest people i have met. i worked a lot and it was so awesome to be back on a set. i was really excited when i got to set and realized i was working with some friends of mine, meaghan martin and b.k. cannon! they were sooo much fun to work with and so was everyone else on set. it was an amazing expierence and im hoping there will be a lot more to come:)

check out some pictures i have from set:)

xoxo, tay

Date 9/25/08

ah.ljhdsfykasdga GUESS WHATT?!

I got a call yesterday from my manager and agents telling me that i booked an episode of the show House! so that means im going to be a guest star on House soon!! ahhhh im beyond excited!! it is one of my favorite shows and im estatic that they chose me for the part! i went in and auditioned for it on monday and then just yesterday i found out i booked it! i am so thankful to God. he is so amazing and i thank him for every blessing he has given me. he is the reason im here and i hope to be able to spread his love to everyone!

ohmygoodness i cannot wait to be back on a set! its just so surreal for me right now! haha. im supposed to leave for a wardrobe fitting in a little while and im just on cloud nine! i couldnt be happier!! i dont know tons of detials as of now, but i will totally let you know when i find out more!

i also just wanted to say thank you guys so much for all of your love and support through the past few years! you guys have been amazing and i dont think i tell you that enough! so thank you guys for everything!

ahh im so excited its ridiculous! :)

xoxo, tay

Date 9/17/08


last night i went to an event for Lollipop Theater Network called "Game Day Launch". it was to bring awarness to Lollipop and help promote the "Game Day" event we want to have next year sometime. it was really awesome. there was a lot of fun things to do and i had a blast! ryan and her family was there, and her and i spent a lot of time in the photo booth acting goofy! haha. we are goofballs, but we had tons of fun! i also got to meet some other people who are really involved with Lollipop like i am. they were all super sweet. anna faris was there to support Lollipop and she even goofed around in a few photo booth pictures with some of us. haha. it was just a laid back event and everyone was so nice! i have some of the photo booth pictures! they are pretty funny, so go check them out. we are all being silly in most of them! haha :)

Date 9/14/08

why hellooo:)

i just got back from the Nautica Malibu Triathalon! it was sooooo much fun! alyson was there as well and it was so much fun to see and hang out with her! i also got to see matthew mcconaughey and jennifer lopez! they actually participated in the triathalon which was so amazing! and jennifer lopez donated a lot of money to the childrens hospital! i got to pass out medals to kids running their own mini tiathalon and it was so cute! they were all really sweet. it was such a wonderful expierence :)

i have some pictures so you should check those out:)

xoxo, tay

Date 9/13/08

hey guyss:)

i just got back from the preimere of the new animated movie "Igor"! it was a lot of fun! and i got to meet some really awesome people. the movie was super cute too!! i went with Evelyn (the director of "Lollipop Theater Network") and we got to talk to a lot of people about Lollipop which was extremly cool! i have a few pictures so go check those out:)

Well, tomorrow im going to the Nautica Malibu Triathalon so i will talk to you guys tomorrow! im really excited about going because i help out with childrens hospital of los angeles and they are giving the proceeds directly to cancer research there!

xoxo, tay:)

Date 9/1/08

ahh i cant believe its September already!! i feel like this year has flown by so fast!

im so sorry i havent written in awhile. ive been super busy with school. since its the beginning of the year its kind of hectic, but i love it so far! im a junior this year so thats exciting! :)

i have my permit now too. and ive been driving everywhere! haha. its so weird driving! i just dont picture it. but apparently im a really good driver! so thats good:)

well, ive got to go. i have some more homework to do. i just wanted to check in and say hi! have an awesome week!

xoxo, tay

Date 8/4/08


i just got back from a short trip to arizona. i went to visit my best friend sydd because her birthday is coming up and i wanted to be able to spend some time with her before school started. we had such an amazing time! i love her so much! i really do wish she lived here. i also got to see my uncle which was good because i always miss him so much! it was soooo hot when we were there. one day it was like 120 degrees! its insanee! it was really good to see all my other friends too! i missed everyone there so much already! hopefully ill go back soooon:)

school starts back up next week thursday! summer is over! i cant believe it! it seems like it just started! woww. im actually pretty excited though. it will be nice especially since i can go off campus for lunch now that im a junior and i also get out of school at lunch time too. so it's a short day for me! my summer has probably been the most amazing one ever though. ive been so ridiculously busy with stuff, most of it being fun stuff, that i haven't been bored this whole summer. i got to see all my friends and family too which made my summer even better! im sure this school year will be just as good! hope you guys had an absolutely amazing summer too!


Date 7/26/08

hey guys:)

last night I went to Jillian Clare's sweet 16th masqurade party! it was a charity benefit masquerade party on a boat! it was pretty much every girls dream party. i had so much fun! everyone looked amazing! and it was so great to see some friends i hadn't seen in awhile. i brought my friend Karina with me and her, Vick and i danced the night away! we all had the best time! Kewl magazine and Wire Image was there taking lots of pictures and  i took some pictures too so be sure to check those out! :)


Date 7/7/08


im so sorry i havent written in forever! i have been sooo busy this summer!

i went to michigan for a few days with my mom and brother. we had an amazing time! it was soo good to see all my family and some friends. i missed everyone a lot. i felt like the trip was really short though, so id love to go back soon. haha:) i took a few pictures so check those out:)

when we got back from michigan, i was home for just four days and then my brother and i left to go to arizona! we got to stay at friends houses and we had a blast! it was really good to see all my best friends:) it was sooo hot while i was there though! one day my brother and i went to the lake with my uncle. that was tons of fun. i missed him soooo much! i wish he lived way closer!

on the way back from arizona both my brother and i brought a friend home! so our friends stayed for a week and they are just now leaving. haha. i have had such a packed summer so far! but it has been one of the best:)

so im finally home and not as busy as i was! ive been doing a lot of summer school work, since i didnt have time to do some of it before. im taking some classes for next year so i can get out earlier in the day. im also taking drivers training so i can get my permit in august! ahhh. thats a scary thought. me driving. whoa. hahaha. i cant wait im so excited! but theres a lot of drivers training so im trying to cram to get all that in and the school work! haha. ive also been trying to work on more videos for my you tube, if you guys have any ideas, let me know! i have been trying to work on some fan mail in between everything else too, so hopefully ill have that out soon!

as you can see my summer is packed! hahah. but im loving it! how is everyone elses summer? i hope its good! well i got to go. ive got to get more school work done so i can turn it in on wednesday! love you guys!! :)

xoxo tay

Date 7/5/08


i just wanted to say thank youu to actingbug1 on youtube for making such an awesome video for me! thanks soo much. i appreciate it a lot! its amazing:)

xoxo tay

Date 7/4/08


i hope everyone has a really safe and fun fourth! i cant wait for the fireworks! they are my favorite:)

xoxo tay

Date 6/16/08

hello guyss:)

jessica made a really awesome video for me and i wanted to share it with you guys! thanks so much jessica! you are the best:)

 xoxo, tay

Date 6/1/08


today i went to a really awesome charity event called Celebrate Life"! i went last year too and I was telling you guys about it... this is my favorite event becasue it celebrates life and hope for the kids that are fighting cancer and their families at Children's Hospital of L.A.  this year it was tons of fun too! it was so fun to see so many amazing kids and they are all so happy! this year i went with ryan newman which was a lot of fun. i also got to meet micheal johns! i was soooo excited! hahaha. he was so sweet! jesse metcalfe was also there and he was super sweet too!! i had such an awesome time! i got some pictures so check them out:)

xoxo, tay

Date 5/30/08

heyy guyss:)

ryan, jessica, drew, and i made a music video to the song "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavinge. I put it up on youtube so check it out:) drew is in the background of pretty much every shot doing something funny. so look out for him, sometimes he easier to see then others. its really hilarious though. hope you guys like it!

xoxo, tay

Date 5/24/08

Happy Memorial Day weekend! :)

i am so excited! school is almost out! yayyyy. haha. i have two more weeks to go! but the thing that isnt very cool, is that the last week of school is all finals. :( hahah. im stressing out a little about those, but hopefully i will do good! ive been studying, so that helps a lot. haha.

im really excited for summer! its going to be a lot of fun! in the beginning of summer i am going to michigan for a few days to visit family, and then i come home from michigan for like four days and my brother and i leave to go to arizona! my best friends from arizona are also coming out later in the summer. so i have a pretty packed summer! im so happy for it though! it will be nice not to stress out about school. haha. im hoping that i will get to hang out with a lot of the friends i made at school too!

well, i got to go. hope you guys have an awesome memorial day weekend!

xoxo, tay

Date 5/21/08


I was sooooo excited when i watched tonights show! my mom and i literally started jumping up and down when ryan announced david cook had one! hahha. im really happy for him. i think he really deserved it because he was so humble and gracious! not to mention he has an amazing voice and is pretty cute. david archuletta is really good too though. im also really happy that he made the top 2. i think the biggest dissapointment for me this season was the fact that michael johns didnt make it further. i think he had such and amazing voice. he deserved to be in the top with the davids. but im really happy with everything else that went on this season. my mom and i really want to go to the concert this year because there is so many people we like!

well, i hope all is well with you guys! talk to you soon.

xoxo, tay

Date 5/20/08

im so excited for American Idol tonight!! My favorite is David Cook!! I hope he does awesome tonight. Good luck david!!


Date 4/24/08


i just wanted to write and answer Stephany's question:)

my favorite american idol this year is definatly david cook. he is soooo amazingly talented. and not to mention very very cute:) haha. i loved michael johns. he used to be my favorie, before he was voted off. i thought he was extremly talented and he shouldnt have been voted off. i really hope he goes far after this and i wish him the best of luck! but for now, david cook and brooke white are my two favorites! i also really like syesha! she is really awesome too:)

i wish all of them the best of luck. and i cant wait to see who is going to win! at this point, they are all awesome! and i am also looking forward too neil dimond week, next week! :)

xoxo, tay

Date 4/13/08

heyy guyss:)

yesterday i got back from my cruise and it was soooo much fun! my family went with Ryan Newman's family and we all had such a great time! my family had never been on a cruise so it was really new to us, but everyone in my family loved it. we went to puerto vallarta, mazatlan, and cabo san lucas. they were really beautiful places. the whole cruise was really relaxing too. we got to do a lot of stuff though!

in puerto vallarta our families went swimming with the dolphins! it was the coolest thing ever!! i have always wanted to do that, so i was super excited! the dolphins were soooo sweet and they were really soft too. i had so much fun! and it was really an amazing experience. the place we went to had a small water park connected to it, so that was awesome too. we had a lot of fun going down all the water slides! but of course, my favorite part of the day was swimming with the dolphins. it was wonderful. and i will always remember it. that was one of my favorite days on the ship. the other ports we stopped at we didnt do any excursions (thats what they called them. haha.). we just shopped and went sight seeing. in cabo san lucas when we were walking around on the pier we saw this place where you could pet and hold a baby jaguar. it was extremely amazing and my brother and i were both sooo excited. i got to hold it and it was the cutest thing ever! :)

on the days we were at sea we would just hang out and walk around. then at night, for the teens, there were dances. that was tons of fun too. my brother and i went every night and had an awesome time. i met a lot of really nice people on the cruise. and i was lucky enough that some of them even live near me. the person i hung out the most with though was probably my friend Brittany. we met the first night at the teen center and then hung out the whole time after that! we had tons of fun together and i was so sad when we had to leave! she lives in a different state, but we are hoping she will come visit soon or we will go on another cruise together:)

well, altogether me and my family had an amazing cruise! and i hope everyone had a really awesome spring break! i took some pictures, so defiantly check them out! :)

xoxo, tay

Date 4/4/08

hello there:)

i hope you all had an awesome Easter! i know i did! we didnt really do all that much. we relaxed and watched some movies as a family. it was a really fun day:)

well, i will talk to you guys soon! i am leaving for a cruise tomorrow morning! i cant wait! its going to be a lot of fun!

xoxo, tay :)

Date 3/23/08


i hope you all have a wonderful day:)

Date 3/22/08

hello guys!

this week was a really really fun week! my cousin linda and my friend jayme from michigan came into town to visit! i havent seen them in awhile so it was really good to see them! it was linda's first time being in cali so she was really excited about that! and of course we had to give her the grand tour of Hollywood! hahaha:) my uncle gary also flew in so he could see my cousin. they havent seen each other in a really long time, so when he found out she was coming to visit he wanted to come too! and so that made the week even better!

we went to the san diego zoo on monday! it was sooooo much fun! my family and i are total animal lovers, so we loved every second of it! my favorite had to be the baby panda they had! she was soooo cute and tiny!! i wanted to take her home! hahahaha. i also got to see some really pretty zebras, which are one of my favorites too.

it was really good jayme was here too! he is always so fun to be around and i missed him a lot! it was really sad though, he got sick on his last day here so he had to fly home with a fever! i felt really bad for him. the good news is he got sick during the end of the trip so he really enjoyed the first half of it! he has to come back soon though! :)

well, i have got to go! i will talk to you guys soon! hope you guys have an awesome easter! i have some pictures from their trip so check them out:)

xoxo, tay

Date 3/9/08

hey guyss!

so i have to say this weekend has to be the best weekend ever!! i had soooooo much funnn!!

jenna boyd and i were having a dancing birthday party together (since our birthdays are a week apart) on saturday. and i was so excited for it! the only thing that made me sad was that my best friends jocy and syd (from az) werent able to come in for it, they said! so on friday my mom got me out of school early and told me i had a last minute audition, when i got in the car i heard someone say "taylor dooley" and i turned around and in my back seat was sydney and jocy!!! i was sooooooo excited and soo suprised! i had no idea that was going to happen! i literally was speechless for about a minute then i screamed and gave them the biggest hugs ever! it was the most amazing suprise! so then they were able to spend the weekend with me and go to the party!

the party ended up being a riot! a lot of my friends from school came and then some kids from my youth group came as well! we all danced the night away! we had a slushie machine with pina colada stuff in it and that was sooooo yummyful! haha:) i had the best time ever! we took a lot of pictures, so you can check those out! this was definatly one of the best nights ever!!!

now today me, jocy, sydney, my brother, and one of my friends from school went to six flags and hung out for a few hours. we got to ride some cool rides because the lines were short, so that was cool! then after that we went and dropped syd and jocy off at the airport! it was really sad. i didnt want them to leave! im hoping i will see them again soon. and i am SO glad they came out this weekend! it was the best suprise ever!!

as you can imagine, i am super tired now. so i am going to head to bed! but i will talk to you guys soon! and thank you again for all the birthday wishes! i love you guyss! :)

Date 2/26/08

alshdlajshfohasdnlashdhaskjndoujh its my birthday today!!! YAYYY. im so excited!! I am finally 15!! woohooo:)

today was a really fun day at school. everyone said happy birthday to me and i had a great time! then i went out to dinner with my family, the newmans, and my friend from school. it was a lot of fun! so all in all, this was an amazing day for me :D

and thank you guys so much for all your awesome birthday wishes! you are the best!

Date 2/24/08

hello guys:)

today i joined youtube and put up my first video! its a music video i made to the song 1234 by Fiest. I like it a lot, so check it out and let me know what you think. hope you guys like it :)

oh and by the way, my birthday is in two days!! i am sooooo excited:)


Date 2/4/08


sorry its been awhile since i have written! ive been pretty busy with school. i am liking it a lot though! its a lot of fun and i have made a lot of friends! the teachers are all really nice too. i guess you can say i got lucky:)

today is my brothers birthday! we are going out to dinner after school. he is thirteen! i cant believe it. haha. i just cant wait for  my birthday in about 3 weeks!

talk to you guys soon! xoxo

Date 1/21/08

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day :]

Date 1/19/08


I just got back from snowboarding with Jenna and some of our friends from our youth group! It was a lot of fun! I liked it a lot! Sadly, I was not very good at it though. haha. I fell down all the time. It was really hard!! haha. My brother got the hang of it real quick. He had a blast. Jenna, Cayden, and everyone else had pretty much already been snowboarding before so me and my brother had to take a class so we could learn the basics. Even though I wasnt that good, I did have a lot of fun. And I enjoyed the snow a lot! I would love to go back. Next time though, I want to try tubing. haha. That sounds like tons of fun!

xoxo, Tay

Date 1/18/08


So my first week of school is over and I must say, I am liking school. It’s a lot of fun to be able to be with kid’s everyday rather then just sitting at home. Although I must admit, I am missing my mom and Bella. I am so used to spending every single day, all day with them! But so far I haven't had that much homework, so I get to spend time with them when I get home. I have made a few friends which is cool too. And there is a dance coming up on the 26th. It’s our winter formal. I am not quite sure if I am going yet. I think I probably will though! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun!  

Ohhh. And guess what I am doing tomorrow. I am going snowboarding......for the first time. haha. I am going with Jenna and a few of our friends from our youth group! It should be a lot of fun! My brother is siked! haha.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy your three day weekend! I will talk to you soon!

xoxo, Tay 

Date 1/14/08

Hi there! 

Ohmygoodness. Today I started public school!! I haven’t been since 5th grade, and now I am in 10th grade so it’s totally different then when I last went! I thought that I wouldn't like it all that much, but actually, I like it! It was fun. All my teachers are amazing and the kids are pretty great too! I have a really easy schedule so I think that makes it a little more fun as well.

Well, I am heading to bed. I have to go to school in the morning. haha. That’s weird to say.

xoxo, Tay 

Date 1/7/08

Heyy there. I just wanted to write and answer some questions that you guys are asking. So here it goes! :]

Q1: Do you have a boyfriend? And are you dating Taylor Lautner? A1: No, I dont have a boyfriend. I am not dating Taylor either. We are really good friends and hang out all the time, but we are not dating. Q2: How do you know Ryan Newman? A2: I worked with Ryan on a modeling shoot for Mary-Kate and Ashley! We got along great and have been friends ever since. Our families hang out all the time! Q3: Do you have an email address? A3: Sadly, I dont have an email address. I'm sorry. Q4: Do you have a YouTube account? A4: Nope, I dont. I know there is one out there pretending to be me, but its not the real me! I dont have anything other than a myspace account. :]

I also wanted to let you guys know that I have a week before I start school back up again and I am working really hard to get all my fan mail out. So if you wrote me, be expecting a reply in the mail shortly! :]

xoxo, Tay

Date 1/2/08

Hey Guys!

Hope all of you had an awesome new years and did a lot of fun stuff! I stayed at home with my family and played monopoly, and other board games! We all had a lot of fun together! I was really tired though, so at like 12:30 I went right to bed! haha.

I can't believe its 2008 already. It seems like 2007 went by so quickly! I am so thankful for everything and everyone in my life this past year. It really was a great year (even if it went by quickly). God has blessed me in so many ways and I thank him so much for that. I dont know what God has in store for me this year, but I know whatever it is, is all part of his wonderfully perfect plan. And I can't wait to see what it is. I hope that we all have a blessed and safe 2008.

Also, thank you guys so much for everything this past year! All of you are extremly amazing! I cant thank you enough for being so sweet to me! I love you guys! :]

xoxo, Tay

Date 1/1/08

Happy New Year!! :]

Date 12/26/07

Hey there,

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas! I know I had an amazing one! I got tons of awesome clothes, a really cool Ipod alarm clock, a huge scrapbooking kit, a super amazing camera, and some other things from Santa! He was really good to both me and my brother this year! My uncle was in town too, so that made Christmas even better! Then, later in the afternoon, the Boyds, the Lautners, Ryan Newman’s family, and Vic’s family, all came over to hang out and spend Christmas together! We had such a great time! It was really cool to have everyone together! I’d have to say this was the best Christmas I have had so far. I loved everything I got, and had a wonderful time with family and friends. Vic's mom took a few pic's. I took the pic of the xmas bulb with my new camera! :]

Love you all, xoxo, Tay

Date 12/25/07

Merry Christmas!!

Hope you all got everything you wanted! :]


Date 12/20/07

School is finally out for Winter Break!! Yayy. I am so excited! It will be so nice to just relax and not have to think about school for awhile. Hope you all have an amazing Winter Break.

I cant wait for Christmas!! :]

Love you all, Tay

Date 12/8/07


Sorry its been awhile since I last wrote! I have just been really busy with school and the end of the semester coming up, which means Christmas break is coming up too! :]  But let me tell you, I am so excited for the holidays! It will be really nice to have a little break off school. And its my favorite time of year right now, so that makes me happy too! My Uncle Gary is coming in for Christmas and we are planning on having a house full of friends over Christmas day, and then we a planning on heading to Arizona for New Years! I'm excited!

I just got back from seeing the movie "Juno" with a bunch of friends. We all had a lot of fun! And it was such an awesome movie!! I definately think its one of my favorites. I know "Juno" wasnt released in every theater, but if it is playing near you, you have to go and see it. It is so amazing. And Ellen Page (the lead actress in it) is one of my favorites as well. Brilliant movie. Well, I got to go eat dinner, but I will talk to you guys soon! :]

Love you, Taylor

Date 11/25/07

Heyy there. 

Hope you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving. I know mine was pretty sweet. We went to Arizona so we could be with my Uncle Gary! I hadn't seen him in awhile so it was really good to see him and hang out with him. And the thanksgiving dinner we made was soooo yummyyy. I seriously think I ate way too much food. hahaha. We stayed from Tuesday night until this morning. So I got to hang out a lot with my best friends in the world!  :]  It simply doesn't get much better than that! Wednesday night Me, Jocy, and Syd went to our friends Tyler, Danny, and Brody's hockey game and then we all went back to Danny's house and hung out. Friday, I hung out at the mall with Jocy & Sdy and we did some x-mas shopping, then the guys met us at the mall and we all went to their hockey game.  On Saturday we all just kinda hung out at Brody's house and had a bon fire. And that was a lot of fun too!! Surprisingly, it was actually pretty cold in AZ. But I still had an amazing time. It was awesome to see everyone again and I hope I can go back into town soon! I took just a few pictures so check them out!!  

Love you, Taylor 

Date 11/22/07

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Date 11/17/07


Last night was so much fun! I went to a "70's Night" at a roller skating rink with my youth group! We all had such an awesome time. And everyone looked amazing in their 70's gear. I had never skated in regular skates before (I had always used my roller blades) and let me tell you, they were pretty hard to get used too! I almost ate it a few times. After skating we all went over a friend’s house and hung out! Awesome night! Great friends! I took a few pictures, my favorite is the last one of the guys! Hilarious! Check them out. :] 

Love you all, Taylor

Date 11/11/07

Hello there.

I just got back from the "VR Christian High School Retreat" with Jenna. We had such a blast! I loved it. I met some amazing people and felt like I got closer to God! It was such an awesome expeirence. We did a lot of fun things. We played kickball, football, freeze tag, swang on the swings and....we pretty much got no sleep! I took some pictures so check them out. :]

Date 11/9/07

Hey Guys!!

Just wanted to quickly say hi!! This weekend I am going on a Christian Teen Retreat with my best friend Jenna Boyd. It's going to be so much fun! We leave tonight and get back Sunday night! When I get home I will defiantely tell you all about it! And I might even have some pictures!! :]

Have a great weekend!

Love you and talk to you soon, Taylor

Date 11/4/07

Heyyy Guys,

Guess what? I got new headshots taken of me this Fridayy. It was a lot of fun and we got some awesome pictures! I am going to put them up, so check them out! :]

Love you all, Taylor

Date 11/1/07


I hope all of you had an awesome Halloween! I know mine was really great. This year I decided not to get dressed up and trick-or-treat, but to pass out candy with my parents. I've trick-or-treated every year, so i thought it would be a lot of fun. My brother got dressed up and went trick-or-treating with some friends though. I had tons of fun passing out candy. I saw some really amazing costumes. And the little kids were soooo cute! I loved it. My brother had a great time trick-or-treating and is already waiting for next Halloween. We looked on a calendar and its supposed to fall on a Friday next year, which will be really awesome. Hope you guys got tons of candy!  

Love you all, Taylor

Date 10/31/07


Hope yours is awesome. I'll write tomorrow and tell you how mine went. :]

Love you all, Taylor

Date 10/13/07

Heyyy!! :]

I just got back from Alyson Stoner's screening of her new movie, Alice Upside Down! It was such a cute movie! And Alyson did an awesome job! It was really great to see her too. Taylor was there as well, so that was a lot of fun. Our families ended up going out to lunch together! Well, its late, so I have to go. :]

Love you all, Taylor

Date 10/8/07

Hellooo. :]

So first off, last weekend I saw Across the Universe and ohhh my goodness. It is such an amazing movie!! I absolutely loved it! I think it is one of my new favorites actually. I know its PG-13, but for those of you who can see it, its definitely one you wont want to miss. I have seen it two times already, and I think I am going to see it a third time very soon. I also want to go see, The Heartbreak Kid. That looks really funny!

There were a few questions I wanted to answer for you guys. Q: Do you have a “Friendster” or anything else like that? A: Nope, I only have a myspace. All the other people out there aren’t me, they’re fake! Q: Are you dating Taylor Lautner? A: Taylor is a very good friend of mine, but we aren’t dating.  :] Q: What are you being for Halloween? A: I’m actually going to wear my mom’s old high school cheerleading uniform! We found it when we were cleaning our garage, and so I decided that is what I was going to wear. It’s super cute, and I love it. It makes me laugh though because the skirt is so high! It’s like up to my belly button. haha.

This Saturday I am going to the screening of my really good friend Alyson’s new movie, Alice Upside Down. I haven’t seen her in awhile, so I can’t wait to see her and the movie! I think we will definitely have a lot of fun! I will make sure I post an update when I get back from that! So talk to you guys then. :]

Love you all, Taylor

Date 10/6/07

Heyy guys!! Sorry I haven’t written in awhile! I've had some auditions, and I've been super busy with school! So its been kinda crazy. lol.

For those of you who know of my friend Stephanie, who just recently lost her battle with cancer, there is a YouTube video of her when she was an extra in Zoey 101. She is the little girl sitting on the couch next to Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) when they are announcing the winner of the raffle ticket. Check it out when you get a chance. :] 

Date 9/21/07

Heyy. This Thursday, I got to go to the premiere of "Sydney White", Amanda Bynes' new movie! And it was so funny! I loved it. I got to meet a lot of the stars of the film at the after party, which was really cool. And then, I got to meet Brian Baumgartner who plays Kevin in one of my favorite shows, "The Office"! He was soo nice, and super funny in real life. I also got to meet Rex Lee who plays Lloyd in Entourage! My friends Ryan Newman and Steven Lunsford were there too, and we all had a lot of fun together. Sadly, I wasnt able to get any pictures, my camera went dead. So I'm sorry about that. But it was an awesome premiere. And an awesome movie. I do believe it is in theaters now, so you should go see it! :]

Date 9/20/07

Hey Guys, I wanted to let you know that I'm not able to write you back from your guest book entries you send me, but I'll try to answer your questions here on my "Guest Book" or on my "Blog". The best way to catch me so we can chat is on my myspace.

So check on my web site "Blog" often and see when I'll be on my myspace next and hopefully we can talk then! I'll be on myspace this Saturday, Sept 22 - between 10:00 and 11:00 (California time zone - that's 1:00 east coast time). Hope to talk to you guys then!

Question - from "Hi Taylor": Are are you in regular school this year or homeschool still? and what grade?  Answer: I'm homeschooled and I'm in 10th grade (Yes, I'm only 14, but I'm a year ahead in school). 

Question - from Briana: Did you every read a book series called "Camp Confidential". Answer: No, I haven't read that book yet, but it sounds like a good book. I'll check it out and maybe I'll have time to read it between the holidays this year. =)

Hope to TTYsoon! =)

Loves, Taylor

Date 9/16/07


Heyy!! I am soo sorry I haven't written in awhile. My schedule has been crazy since school started!!

How is school going for all of you? I hope its going awesome!!

I wanted to let all of you know that tonight I am going to be on my myspace at about 9:00 my time (Pacific Time). So all of you, who can be on myspace at that time, say hi and we can talk!! And for those who can't be on at that time, I will be on next weekend sometime. :] 

I've gotten a lot of fan mail in the last few weeks and I promise I will work on writing everyone back, hopefully next weekend. Thank you so much for the letters!!


Date 8/24/07

Heyy! Last night I got to go to the premiere of Halloween. Daryl Sabara is in the movie and he invited me and my brother to go to the premiere with him and his brother, Evan. It was a lot of fun. And the movie was super scary. I think I closed my eyes practically the whole movie! lol. My brother loves scary movies, so of course he thought it was awesome. The director of the film, Rob Zombie, was really nice and he did a great job directing the movie. Daryl is in the beginning, and he does an awesome job. We have a few pictures, so you should check them out. And those of you that are old enough (and like scary movies, because this movie is really intense. lol.) go see Halloween next Friday!

Date 8/24/07

I know that ever since I told you guys about my good friend Steph, you have all continued to ask me about how she is feeling and your thoughtful prayers have been so nice. And thank you guys so much for all of that. You have all been so wonderful. But I wanted to let you all know that yesterday afternoon, Stephanie passed away. She was a light in this world and I really believe she was one of God's little angels.  And we will all miss her so much, but she is home now and in a better place. Thank you guys again for all of your prayers, and if you could continue to pray for her family that would be so wonderful. I love you and miss you Steph! Your memory will stay with me forever!

Date 8/18/07

Hey guys!! Yesterday, I got to go to the "KBIG 104.3 Charlie TunaThon 2007" at the Children's Hospital of L.A. (CHLA). The radio station was there during the day, interviewing kids and trying to raise money for the hospital. And then at night, there was a prom for all the kids at the hospital. The whole thing was so awesome and they raised a lot of money. During the day me, Daryl Sabara, and Matt Underwood visited all of the kids in their rooms that couldn't make it down to the prom. Afterwards they had us get dressed up and go downstairs to the prom. The prom definitely had to be my favorite part. They had fitted all the kids the day before for tuxedos and prom dresses, and they had professional make-up artists do the kids hair and make-up, everyone looked so great! The kids were so happy and we all danced the night away. It was tons of fun. I have a few pictures from the day, so you should check them out! :]


Date 8/5/07

I just got my fan mail today, and in it was an awesome collage of all my favorite things made for me by Bethany Murray!! It is so amazing, she thought of everything I like! I love it soooo much!! Thank you soooo muchh!!! I have some pictures of it, so check them out! And thank you again Bethany. That was soooo sweet and You are awesome!!

I also want to thank Ellen for making an awesome video for me! It is great, and I love it!! I love the song too! Boys Like Girls is one of my favorite bands! Thank you loverly! :]

Date 7/27/07
Hey guys. I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile. I actually just got back from an unexpected trip to Michigan. While I was there, I got to see my cousins, fish with my grandpa, go to Greenfield Villiage, and best of all I got to see Stephanie! I was so excited to see her. We had a lot of fun together. We did some crafts, played in the toy room, and relaxed together. I love her so much, we had a great time. I also had a great time with my grandpa. We went out fishing and suprisingly, I actually caught 3 fish!! It was a lot of fun, and pretty cool. Greenfield Villiage was a lot of fun too. Greenfield Villiage is a complete working village that makes you feel like you just traveled back thru time. They have tons of perserved old historical houses and buildings like Thomas Edisons house and work shop where he made the light bulb, Abe Lincoln's court house, the Wirght Brothers house and shop where they made the first plane, and so much more. It really is an amazing place! And we got a lot of cool pictures there, so check them out! Well, I got to go! Love you guys, and check out the pictures! :]

Date 7/15/07

Today, my friend Sydney went back home. She was here for a week with us! And we had so much fun! We went to the beach, Dave and Busters, hung out with some friends, and took some pretty cool pictures! I love her so much, and I'll miss her. But then again, I am sure I will see her soon! Check out the pictures we took! We had a little photo shoot, it was fun! :]

Date 7/15/07

Hey guys! I just wanted to say that it was awesome talking to all of you guys on AIM today!! You are all so sweet!! And I loved talking to you! Rachel, Karen, Bethany, and Alex, you guys are great!! Thanks for everything. Talk to all of you soon!


Date 7/14/07

I wanted to answer both Jesse and Chloe's guestbook entries. So here they are! Jesse - Q1: How old were you when you filmed Shark Boy and Lava Girl? A1: I was 11 years old when i filmed Shark Boy and Lava Girl. And the movie came out when I was 12 years old. Q2: Is California your hometown? A2: I live in California now, but I was born in Michigan. When I was 5 I moved to Arizona and lived there for 6 years. So I feel like Arizona is my hometown, but really Michigan is. All my family lives in Michigan. Chloe - Q: What are your favorite myspace fan sites? A: I really love - I also love -

I hope I answered your guys questions!! :]

Date 7/11/07

I just wanted to answer your question, Paige. And yes,  I do write all the guestbook entries that say Taylor Dooley! As a matter of fact, I approve all of the guestbook entries, so if anyone tries to pose as me, i dont put them up. So the ones that say Taylor Dooley are definatly me! :]

Date 7/4/07

Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day! Mine was awesome! We went down to the beach and hung out at a friend's house all day, and then we walked down to the beach and watched the fireworks! It was a lot of fun. And the fireworks were beautiful! I loved them.

Date 6/29/07

Guess what? Today I sent out all of my mail that I had! I sat at my desk and did my mail for two days, and all of it is done!! So if you have ever sent me a letter, then expect a letter from me back, within the next few weeks. And if you wrote me and don't get a response back within a few weeks, then that means I never got it. So please write me again! Also, if you are going to write me again, or it's your first time writing me, could you please send stamps for postage! It was real expensive today, and I would hate to not be able to get your letter to you. Write me soon! :]

Date 6/29/07

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to a few people for 2 awesome fan sites they have made!!

- Chloe and everyone else involved in,

- And Ellen for

Thank you guys so much! Your fan sites are awesome!! I appreciate them a lot! :]

Also, I wanted to let Kristen R. know that I did get her letter, and I sent you an autographed photo! So you should get that soon!

Date 6/28/07

Hellooo. I wanted to let all of you guys know that I just got an AIM!! So now you can instant message me! My AIM is: taylormdooley. Add me! I would love to talk to you guys! Also, if you have one, add my myspace -


Date 6/11/07

Yesterday, I went to a really awesome charity event called "Celebrate Life"!  The event celebrates life and hope for the kids that are fighting cancer and their families at Children's Hospital of L.A. I saw lots of smiling faces and I know all the kids had such a blast! And I got to see some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile! Ace Young preformed, which was very cool! He is so nice! We were super busy all day, but I did get a few pictures!  =]

Date 6/8/07

Ohgoodness. I picked up my puppy today! She is so adorable! And I am in love with her! She was flown in from South Dakota, so we had to pick her up at the airport! She was defiantly a little scared! But she has warmed up to me, and she is the cutest thing on the planet! And so sweet! She is also very hyper! It's really cute because when she is playing, she hops like a bunny in the air! She is kinda getting along with Jacques and Chase! They are doing better then I thought they would be! So I am very happy about that! Well, I got to go! Check out some pictures of her! =]

Date 6/6/07

So we are now home. And I miss New York already! I had such a great time! And I know the boys did too! Today, we just kind of walked around waiting to go to the airport. Which of course, was sad. But hopefully one day soon I will get to go back again. I love NY so much! I really want to come back and see Spring Awakening again before they recast it! It was so great! Probably my favorite part of the trip! I hope they win all 11 of the Tony Awards they are nominated for! It was a great experience! Well, I am going to go to bed. The trip was awesome and I loved every second of it! Check out all of the pictures! =]

Date 6/5/07

Today we went to see the musical, Spring Awakening. And let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing!! I loved it so much!! Everyone in the cast did an awesome job, and the songs and storyline were wonderful. It was just a stunning musical. Like I said, I loved it!! It was defiantly the highlight of my day, even though my day was very fun and eventful. Other than seeing Spring Awakening, we went to a lot of fun places, like the Toys "R" Us here in NY! That was pretty cool, because it is so big! We had a lot of fun there. And we took a lot of pictures of us messing around! Then we went to a place called Dylan's Candy Bar, which is a 2 story candy store. I liked that place a lot. lol. And we ate lunch at a place called Serendipity 3! Serendipity 3 is famous for their "Frozen Hot Chocolate"! Which is funny, how can something be hot and frozen at the same time? lol. But it was very good. Well, I got a lot of pictures from today so check them out! =]

Date 6/4/07

Hey, guess what? I am in New York!! This morning we flew to NY for Daryl and Evan Sabara's Birthday, our friend Lauren also came with us! We got to here in the evening, so we just walked around Time Square for a little while, before going to the hotel! We've only been here a little while, and I can tell you, I love NY. lol. It's an awesome city! Well, I am going to head to bed. Tomorrow we are going to see the play, "Spring Awakening"! So I want to get some sleep. I'll write tomorrow! =]

Date 6/3/07

So I have officially decided to change Ivory's name to Bella. I was thinking about the name Ivory, and I kept thinking that for short, it would be Ivy. And I don't know for sure how much I like the name Ivy, because it reminds me of poison ivy. So then I thought of the name Bella, and I absolutely loved it!! I thought it was so cute! So now she is Bella. And Bella is coming this Fridayyy!! I am so excited. =]

Date 5/25/07

WOW. I just got back from seeing "Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End"! It is honestly, my new favorite movie! I absolutely loved it!! And I was so excited I got to see it early! I was at the Grove with a friend, and they found out there was a show time for "POTC 3" that wasn't sold out, so we went!! Ohh …words can not describe my love for this movie. lol. You all must go see it! It is my favorite one of all three. And I have come to the conclusion that they need to make a fourth one. You'll know what I mean when you see the movie, but when you do, be sure to stay until the end of the credits, there is a last important scene, you have to see. I am actually going again tonight with some other friends, so we will have pictures of that probably tomorrow! I will let you guys know! But go see the movie this weekend!! You will not be disappointed!! And stay until after the credits so you can see the scene!! =]

Date 5/24/07

The winner of "American Idol"…….Jordin Sparks! I was so excited to see her win!! I think she is extremely talented and she seems so sweet! She is also young, which I thought was cool because she has worked hard and at a young age it paid off! It was sad though because we were Tivo-ing it last night, and because they went over their 2 hours time slot we didn't get to see who won! So we had to look it up online, and then wait until this morning to see a video of it. But I was very happy when we saw she won. Don't get me wrong, I love Blake Lewis. I just knew that he would do well anyway, and she might have not been as big if she didn't win! I love them both and wish them the best of luck, I am sure they will both do great! I cant wait until next years "American Idol"!!

Date 5/21/07

Hellooo. Yesterday, me and Matt got to go to lunch with the contest winner (for the MyNumo/Lollipop Theater Network Contest), Tiffany!!! We met her at a very nice restaurant on the beach! And she was soooo sweet! We all had a lot of fun, and laughed a lot!! Now today, we went to the set of  "Zoey 101" to watch Matt film and take Tiffany to meet some other cast members. I defiantly think she enjoyed it a lot! We have pictures of both, so be sure to go look at them!! Hope you had fun Tiffany!! =]

Date 5/17/07

Ohmygoodness. I am so excited!! I am getting my very own puppy!! I have been trying to talk my parents into letting me get a girl puppy, for a very long time! And finally, they said yes! A few weeks ago, I found a girl puppy I loved that was just born, so we paid for her, and now we are just waiting for her to be old enough to come home! She was named by the breeder, Ivory, and personally, I love it! Ivory will be here sometime on June 8th! I am counting down the days. It makes me laugh though because my two dogs (Jacques and Chase) have no idea she's coming. Their world is going to change so much, lol! But I am sure they'll love her! Well, the breeder sent me a few pictures of her before her bath, so check them out! She is so cute!! =]

Date 5/16/07

Wow. I honestly didn't realize how much fan mail I really had! The past few days I have been doing a lot of it, and I sent some out this morning! So look for it and if you don't get one, it will be coming soon! I must tell you though, postage went up this Monday and prices are ridiculous! Way more than they used to be! So, if you guys could please do me a favor and when you send out a letter, can you please send stamps enough to cover the costs? I would appreciate it so much! I just get a lot of fan mail, and it was really expensive today, so if you guys could do that, I would be so greatful!! Thank you guys so much!! You're the best! =]

Date 5/10/07

Hello!! I am really excited today, because I finished school for the year!! Yayyy. So that means I am officially done with ninth grade. I am very happy because it's my first year of high school and I got a 4.0! It is really nice to be completely done for the summer! Well, I am going to do a little school over the summer, but nothing too hard. Now that I am pretty much done with school, I am going to start doing fan mail! So expect some letters, if you sent me one! Please be patient though, because I have a lot! =]

Date 5/6/07
AHHHHHH. Today I got to meet someone I have had a crush on since I was 6, and that is no exaggeration!! I got to meet Justin Timberlake!!! *screams**jumps up and down**smiles very big**calms self down*! Ok, I have seriously been in love with him, since age 6, which was back in his NSYNC days! And I finally got to meet him, defiantly the highlight of my day! The reason I got to meet him, was because I was at the Shrek 3 premiere!! I went with Victoria and we made it our meet and get our picture taken with Justin Timberlake, so I didn't really get to meet anyone else (which was ok with me! Haha.). But I did see a lot of people, like Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, and Antonia Bandearas. It was really cool! And Matt was there too, so we all hung out afterwards. I had a lot of fun!! And I was soooo happy!!! Justin was very nice, and that made it even more enjoyable. I do have pictures, which in my opinion are amazing, so check them out!! =D

Date 5/5/07

I went scrapbooking all day today! From 10 in the morning until 10:30 at night! I went with Jenna Boyd and her mom, and then my mom came too!! It was a lot of fun!! We got to do a lot of these things called "make and takes", which is when an instructor has a thing you are going to make, and makes it with you, and you can take it home! They are pretty cool! And I did a lot of neat ones! I also made about 4 scrapbook pages! It was pretty much my first time doing that much scrapbooking, so I wasn't too good, but Jenna was really good!! She probably made more things than I did. lol. It was funny because out of the whole 12 hours, my mom only made one page! She was too busy buying things from the store, and then trying to organize them to scrapbook! But she still had a lot of fun! And of course, we were all teasing her! The moms laughed so hard today, that half of the time Jenna and I didn't know what they were laughing at! lol. But all in all, I had an awesome time! And we are planning on going scrapbooking again soon!! =] 

Date 5/4/07

Helloo! Ok, so today it was my best friend Courtney Jines' 15th Birthday! I surprised her, by picking her up from school and then I took her to the movies to see Spiderman 3! She was so happy and so surprised! In the car, on the way to the movie, we put some of her Spiderman 3 stickers on our faces and put on party hats her mom got us! It was pretty funny! When we got to the movie theater we saw some people we knew which was pretty cool, and then we saw the movie! It was really good! We both liked it a lot! After the movie we went to get dinner and frozen yogurt, which is where another friend of Courtney's came to hang out. Then her parents had a scavenger hunt planned for us! We were running around our mall, following clues, and having fun. And in the end it led to a hotel room for us to hang out in. It was a lot of fun! And I know Courtney had a great time!! I think I have a few pictures, so you might want to check those out! Happy Birthday Courtney! =]

Date 4/22/07

OMG. A definite must see movie -Disturbia. It is overall an amazing film; the acting, the story, the suspence, everything was great! When you leave the theater, your heart will still be racing, I know mine was! It was very suspenseful. And wow, is all I can say for Shia LaBeouf. Not only is he an amazing actor, he is soooo hot. I have liked him for awhile now, but in this movie he is just… I could go on and on about him, but I wont right now. lol. So defiantly go see Disturbia if you can! It is amazing and you wont be disappointed!!

Date 4/21/07

Hey!! Yesterday, I got to meet an awesomely amazing fan of mine, Ellen!! She and her family were in town, and I got to meet up with them for dinner! Then we were able to come back to my house and play a game of pool....well...we kind of invented our own way to play pool! lol. It was a lot of fun! And both Ellen and her sister were super sweet!! I took some pictures, so check them out! =]

I hope you and your family had a great time here Ellen! It was awesome meeting you!! And your family! Hope you had fun, I will talk to you soon!

Date 4/12/07

Hello!! We have had an exciting week here at my house! Last Tuesday my cousins came in to visit! And then, that Saturday, Jayme (Stephanie's brother from Michigan) came to stay with us too! So we had one super packed house! But I have to admit, it was a lot of fun!! And we did a lot of cool stuff! We went to Universal Studios, Six Flags, went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and we hung out at the house! Then on Easter, we were able to get Matt, Vick, and a few other friends over to play capture the flag!! It was a ton of fun! I had an awesome time with my cousins and Jayme and wished they all lived so much closer to us! Oh well, they will just have to come back in very soon! For now though, I have pictures, so check them out! =]

Date 4/11/07

I want to send a message to one of my Biggest Fans: Emily Carpenter! Thank you soooooo much for being such a great fan and for making such an amazing fan site "Taylor Dooley Rocks"! It is an awesome site with tons of great favorite is the wall paper! Thank you so much Emily for all your hard work and for being such a great fan....your the one that Rocks! =) Loves, Taylor

Date 4/4/07

Hey Guys, I wanted to give a quick shout out to Chloe and Natalie! You guys are Awesome and "Thank You" soooo much for taking the time to make such amazing fan sites! You guys rock! Check them out below:

Chole's Fan Site -

Natalie's Fan Site -

Thanks for all your hard work and for being such great fans! =) Loves, Taylor

Date 4/3/07
Last Night I went and saw Blades of Glory! I thought it was going to be a stupid movie, but to my surprise it was hilarious and i loved it!! So if you guys get a chance, and are aloud too, go see Blades of Glory! You will definatly laugh!! =]

Date 4/2/07

This weekend was such a blast! My friend Jenna came over and spent the night both Friday and Saturday and we had so much fun! Recently my parents turned our front room into a game room with a pool table, air hockey table, electronic dart board, we already had two of those professional type DDR systems, and for our birthdays (Drew's b-day is 2 weeks before mine) we got the new Nintendo Wii. Needless to say we had such a great time and we barely left the house! On Sunday afternoon Vic and her family came over to try out the new game room. We had a lot of fun!! I love the new game room! =]

Date 3/14/07

Two Great Plays - If you Love Theater (like me) and you live in L.A.....I've got two great plays for you to see!

1. "Catskill Sonata" at The Hayworth Theater - March 9th thru April 29th....Awesome play, Amazing acting and staring a really good friend Daryl Sabara! Ya got to go see it!  2. "The Diary of Anne Frank" at the Rubicon Theater - March 8th thru April 1st - Awesome Play, Amazingly true story, Great acting and starring a really good friend Lauren Patton! Check them out if you get a'll be glad you went! :-)

Date 3/13/07

Hey Janier....your so sweet and I love your letters.....I wanted you to know that I sent you a couple of letters and signed head shots (a few of them). Some how they are not getting to you? Do you have another address (friend or realitive) that might be able to intercept the letter and mail it on to you? I'd love to try another way to send you a signed picture. Thanks so much for all your letters and being such a great fan!  :-)    Loves, Taylor 

Date 3/11/07

Hey Jessica.....Awesome You TubeFilm you made for me! Thank you sooo much! You Rock!! :-)

Date 3/9/07

Contest Winner!!! Congratulations to Tiffany from Chicago!! I'm looking forward to meeting you and having lunch with you and Matt!  :-)   I think I'll be seeing you sometime in April….can't wait!  :-)

Date 2/27/07

Hey Guys! First off, Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes, and Birthday gifts! You guys are too sweet! =)

I had an awesome Birthday! I went to my favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot, and ate dinner with Jenna and Victoria! It was a lot of fun! The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant, and we got to fondue the night away! It was a blast! And dinner was amazing! After dinner we went shopping.... next store was a two story Forever 21, so of course we went in! We had a great time running around and trying on clothes. It was tons of fun! I got some great stuff from Jenna and Vick, too! So, I had a totally fun, awesome Birthday! We took some pictures, so check them out! Sadly, Forever 21 didn't like people taking pictures inside...and we got yelled, so we didn't get that many in there. But we definitely snuck a few...what can i say, we had to! =)

Date 2/24/07

We just got back from Florida tonight! We had such an amazing vacation! We spent a few days in Disney….and we had such a blast! Drew's highlight was finally being tall enough to ride the Arosmith-Rock-n-Roller Coaster at MGM.  lol  My highlight was Epcot. I loved Mission Space and Test Track, but the best was visiting all the different countries. As you can tell by the pics Drew and I had a blast experiencing the culture in each country. YES! lol   Then we went down to West Palm to visit my mom's best friend (same friend we visited in Nov) for a couple of days and had a blast…there is so much to do at her house full of animals (which I love). There is a pic of me laying on the couch with her bird…her name is Sassy and she is so sweet! The last 5 days of our vacation we went across to Ft. Myers and stayed with my Aunt Vicky and my cousins (from Michigan) in a condo right on the beach. We had such a blast! We went jet skiing with Dolphins, parasailing, had a blast on the beach, and swam for hours in the pool. The best part was spending time with all my family that was down there from Michigan. My grandpa and grandma were down in Florida escaping the winter cold and my other grandpa lives right there in Ft Myers. Check out the pics when you get a chance. There is a pic of me when we were just getting unhooked from the parasail….I was pouting because the guys dipped us in the water twice on the way down....and the water was freezing! I love my face in that picture…it's so funny! lol  :-)   PHOTOS

Date 2/13/07

Hey Guys, I wanted to drop you a quick note. I'm heading to Florida on vacation with my family tomorrow. We are heading to West Palm Beach & Disney World! Yes….can't wait! I'll be back the day before my birthday! I wanted to send out a BIG/HUGE Thank you for all the awesome birthday presents you guys have sent me already. Thank you! I have some amazing fans! Thanks for putting a smile on my face! Have a Happy Valentine Day tomorrow! TTY soon! Loves, Taylor

Date 2/8/07

Today was such an Amazingly Great Day!! My favorite charity...."Lollipop" did a screening of “Charlotte’s Web” this afternoon at Children’s Hospital L.A. and we surprised the kids with a visit from the star of the movie….Dakota Fanning! It was such an amazing experience to see the kids just light up when they got to meet Dakota. She is such a super sweet person and she is really good with the kids! We had a lot of fun! It was an amazing day with lots of smiling faces and great memories!  Photos

Date 2/4/07

Today was my brothers Drew's 12th Birthday!!! A bunch of his friends and a few of mine went to one of Drew's favorite places......the Ice Skating Rink! We had a blast and then we all went back to my house and played Drew's new "Nintendo Wii".....Love it!!! Happy B-Day Drew.....Love ya! :-) Photo's

Date 1/9/07

Hey Guys!! Ok, so I am so sorry to all of you who tried to add me on "Myspace"! For some reason it wouldn't let me sign back on! I tried emailing "Myspace" and they didnt do anything. So, I just made a new one which I can sign into! My URL is: Add this one, and I promise I will except you! =)

Date 1/8/07

Hey guys! I wanted clear up something for you guys that keeps coming up:  1.) I have been getting a lot of mail and messages asking if I broke up/went out with Taylor Lautner. I want everyone to know, that I have never gone out with Taylor Lautner and we were never a couple! We live really close to each other, we are friends, we go to the same church, and our families are really close friends and that is it! Taylor Lautner has a girlfriend he met in school back in September and she is sweet and they make a really cute couple. She is the girl in the picture that everyone is asking about with the brown hair that is kissing Taylor. So, hopefully this clears things up for everyone! 2.) Oh and on my Guestbook "Sophie" wrote me saying that she was related to me, and I was just wondering how, because that is pretty cool! 3.) And I would like to know! I'm almost done with this semester (only two more week - yes!!) and I'm hoping this next semester I'll have more time to answer all your questions and catch up on all my fan mail. I did get a bunch of fan mail out during the holidays break and I promiss if you didn't get yours back yet, I'll be working on it as soon as I get a chance! Talk to you guys soon! =)

Date 1/1/07

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! You guys are the BEST!!! I hope you all have a Great Year in 2007!!!   :-)

Date 12/31/06

DREAMGIRLS - A Must See Movie!  OK.....I went to the show last night to see "Dreamgirls" and I saw the "Best Female Performance of 2006"! Jennifer Hudson (from American Idol) was absolutely amazing as Effie! Loved, loved the whole movie, but Jennifer was defiantly the stand out performer and stole the movie with her heartfelt cries of pain in "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"! She just blew me away! If I was voting....the Oscar would go to Jennifer Hudson! If you guys get a have to check out this movie!

Date 12/25/06

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a great Christmas day with family and friends! :-) Loves, Taylor

Date 12/10/06

Hi! Today I went to an Aly and AJ concert with Jenna!! I haven't seen her in so long! It was awesome seeing her! We had a lot of fun! And I must say, Aly and AJ are really good singers live! Their music is really good too! I like them! And I know Jenna does too! You can defiantly say I enjoyed the concert! And the after party was fun too!! I also got to see some friends, which is always fun! But the highlight was seeing Jenna because it had been way to long!

Date 12/9/06

Ok, so today was the "Ronald McDonald Christmas Party"!! I got to sign autographs! It was a lot of fun hanging out with friends and getting to meet a lot of great kids and seeing them so happy! It defiantly puts you in the giving spirit of Christmas! Unfortunately I forgot my camera this time. A bunch of us went to see "The Holiday" afterwards. It was such a great movie!!! If your totally into "Chick Flicks" like my mom and I, you'll love "The Holiday"! Check it out during winter break if you get a chance! Loves, Taylor

Date 12/8/06

Hey – sorry I haven't updated in a while! I was in Florida for a week and then I had to catch up on school, and when you miss a week in 9th grade it's tough! I feel like school is consuming my life and that can't be good!  lol   So let me catch you guys up on what I've been doing. My mom and I went to Florida with our close friends Victoria and her mom and we had such a great time! But let me tell you, there is so much humidity there, my hair was so wild! lol! Well, Vic is from Florida so we stayed at their house and I got to see where Vic calls home and meet a few of her good friends. While we were there my mom took Vic & I up to visit her best friend in West Palm Beach.  She owns a really cool pet store and we hung out there for about 2 hours playing with and holding tons of really beautiful birds. Then we went back to her house (she lives on 2 acres and she has an 8 stall horse stable) where we met her new 2 year old horse "Remmy" and her (Great Dane) dog named "Buster".  her boy's Chad & Trevor (they are the cutest) took us outside to catch frogs and we set a new record "Most caught at one time = 11"! Then later on after the boys went to bed Pegi let Vic & I take out her golf cart and tool around the neighborhood for a couple of hours all by ourselves! That was so awesome! I loved driving =). I have to admit….that was the highlight of the trip!!! Photos Loves!


Date 11/26/06 9:45:09 P

SIX 7-8th MAGAZINE is officially in bookstores! So pick up a copy and tell me what you think!?! I LOVE IT!! All the articles are awesome, especially "Not Your Typical Pagent Queen"! Now that's a life lesson! The fashon and beauty tips are awesome becasue they not only show you whats HOT for Teens, but they tell you where you can buy it - huge help! favorites have got to be the "Opps & Ohs" and "Help from Brian & Jen"....they are so funny! I love the lego figures - they rock! lol  I'm really excited to be a part of launching the first issue of such a great girls magazine! Check it out....and seriously - No Laughing at My Baby Pictures! Here are some pictures we took during the cover photo shoot! TTY Soon! Loves, Taylor   

Date 11/24/06 9:24:09 P

Guess what?? I got a myspace! Yes, I finally gave in and decided I would get one so I can talk to you guys! I am excited! It's pretty cool! And its fun learning how to use it. lol. If you do message me on it, know that I won't be on all the time, so I might not write you back a.s.a.p. But I will try my hardest to send something back sooner than later! I know you guys know this, but just to mention it again, this is the only real one! Every one else's is fake!! So if you have a myspace! Add me! But do know I am still working on it and some of the fetures arent working on myspace, so its not completley finished!! I was just excited to let you guys know about it! The link is on "myspace"! =)

Date 11/24/06 9:07:07 P

Hello! I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving! I know I did! I spent mine with just my family. It was very nice and relaxing! So relaxing I fell asleep on my dog! lol. I ate a lot though! I seriously feel like 50 pounds fatter! haha. The funny part about the day, was that I didn't feel like it was a holiday!! It just felt normal, maybe because we didn't have people over or anything. We just watched movies all day. It was a lot of fun though! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Happy Holidays!

Date 11/21/06 10:39:42 P

Hey Wat's up! I wanted to fill you in…..I just had the Best Week Ever! With the help of some amazing friends, tons of giving people and lots of blessing, my good friend Stephanie and her family were able to come out to California and have an amazing week! It was a whirl wind week filled with lots of smiles and non stop fun! First on our list of things to do was go to the Bogart Charity Event where Stephanie and her sisters got to meet lots of their favorite stars! Then off to Disneyland (in a limo) and an overnight stay at the Disneylan Grand Hotel with VIP treatment and front line passes for all the rides - that was cool! The rest of the week we went to Universal Studio's on a special private back lot tour, spent the day at the American Girl store, we visited Ashley Tisdal and the cast of "High School Musical" rehearsing for their tour, and we visited the set of "Zoey 101" where Stephanie got be a featured extra and was in a scene with Jamie Lynn, Lola, and Quinn (I'll keep you posted on when it will be on TV)! And of course, our charity event “Celebrity Kids Step Up for Stephanie” which was so much fun and it really was a huge success! I’m so Thankful to everyone who helped make last week possible! There really is lots of amazing people in the world and I feel blessed to know so many of them! Check out all the photos took of our amazing week with Stephanie and her family! Loves, Taylor  

Date 10/10/06
Monster Night- Now available on DVD and just in time for Halloween! Order your copy today!

Date 10/9/06

Yesterday, Vici and I went to the "Grudge 2" premiere at Knott's Berry Farm, which (since its October) was Knott's Scary Farm!  The movie was really good and scary of course! Vici and I were both jumped & screamed a few times! After the movie we got to go hang out in the park and we had so much fun! It was really scary because there were people walking around the park all dressed up as scary people! And they would jump out at us or come up from behind and scare us! At one point, we were all walking down this dark path and we saw this guy, and we didn't want him to scare us, so we turned around and walked the other way. He must have known we were trying to get away from him because we looked back and he started chasing us!! We all started running and screaming like crazy people! He chased us through the park until we finally got smart! We stopped and pretended we were standing in this line and he ran right by us! It was freaky and funny at the same time! We had such a great time, and we were so tired by the time we got home! I recommend the movie and Knott's is a blast this time of year! Click for Photos.

Date 9/24/06

Hey!! I just got back from San Jose, California! I was doing a photo shott ofor the cover of a new magazine called Six7-8th!! It is an awesome magazine for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls! For the photo's I got to wear really awesome clothes and my hair was done in really cool styles!! I had an awesome time! And everyone was soo sweet!! The Magazine comes out on November 21st and you can pick up a copy at all major book stores and Walmart! I think your gonna love the magazine! Click for photos!

Date 9/16/06

My friend Alexa (Lexi) from Michigan left today! She came in for her Birthday, and visited me and my family! She was here for a week! It was a lot of fun! And we did a lot of cool things!! We went to the Getty Center, Universal Studios, hung out at The Grove, went swimming, did a lot of shopping, and went to the set of "Zoey 101”!! At the end of the week we were all tired, but had tons of fun!! It was great seeing her again and I will definitely miss her!! I put some pictures up! So check them out!!

Date 9/10/06

Hey Guys! Today I got to go to the "Nickelodeon Beach Party"!! It was at Zuma Beach Matt and Vici were there and we hung out the whole time!! Taylor was there too! We swam almost the whole time! Surprisingly, it wasn't that cold. I love water, so I had a blast! We also played volleyball, which I must admit, I am not good at! Vici and I would try to hit the ball and it would bounce behind us. It was sad. lol. We did have someone try (key word being try lol.) to help us, but it didn't really work. It was fun trying though!! Afterwards we went out to eat! It was an awesome day!

Date 8/27/06

OMG….I think I’m in Love! Last night my mom and I went to the American Idol Concert!!! It was a great concert!! Everyone had such an awesome voice, gave great performances, and they were all sooo nice!! Our seats were right next to the stage, so we got to see everything perfect!! And OMG!!!  Ace Young is soooooooooo hot!!!!! I was dying at his hotness!! Haha! My mom was like “Relax Drama Queen” …..but she did admit he was HOT! I think what makes him so much hotter to me is when I met him at the High School DVD Premiere, we talked for about ½ hour and he was so sweet, real, and humble! My kinda guy! Anyway, Taylor Hicks was great, full of energy, and fun to watch! And Mandisa has such an awesome voice and I love her heart! It was so great to see all my favorites perform again!! I took a lot of pictures, so check them out (and check out Ace)!! TTY Soon, Taylor

Date 8/26/06

Guess what… I went to my 1st High School Dance last night!! I don't actually go to school (I'm home schooled), but Taylor Lautner does and he was able to get me in! So I went with Taylor (as friends….ladies….no we are NOT dating) and my BFF Courtney who just started to go there also. The theme was "Luau" so it was decked out in Hawaiian stuff and there was also some cool inflatable games and a dance floor!! And it was so much fun! I was really excited to go! I met a lot of really nice people that I hung out with!! And some of my friends were there too! It was a very fun night! I am really glad I went! But I am also glad that I am home-schooled!!!

Date 8/13/06

Hey, Sorry I've been out of touch for a while. I just got back from Arizona today. Remember I told you that my BFF Sydney's family came in for a surprise visit on the 3rd. Well, we talked our parents into letting Sydney and her two sisters (Casey and Riley) stay with us for the week! Then we took a family road trip to Arizona to drop them off and hang out for Sydney's birthday party on Saturday….It was sooo much fun and it was so awesome to see a lot of my old friends from Arizona! Happy Birthday Syd! When we got home……my mom (and teacher) just gave me fair warning….it's back to serious school work for me tomorrow! Bummer! TTY Soon! Tay

Date 8/3/06

We got the Best Surprise last night! We were all lying on the couch watching a movie, then about 10:30 at night their was a knock at the front door, we opened it to see the McAtee's (my BFF Sydney's family from Arizona) standing there! We had no idea they were coming in, Sydney came running up with a huge hug….it was so awesome! I'm sooo excited….we are heading to the beach today! Looking forward to catching some waves....with my Boogie Board that is! LOL!

Date 7/24/06

I went to the Premiere of Ant Bullylast night with my guy BFF Matt and we had a great time! I thought the movie was sooo cute and it had a really great message. I saw a lot of my friends there and I got to see Tom Hanks, that was so cool! After the movie a bunch of us went over the Mel's Dinner and ate and hung out for a while. I'm sorry I forgot to bring my camera this time, but Wire Image has some professional photos they take on the red (in this case green) carpet. TTY Soon Loves!

Date 7/19/06

Boutique Café Interview: Hey Guys, you know how I always get so many questions sent to me on my Guest Book. Well I was asked to do an interview for “Boutique Café” a couple of weeks ago and Daria asked a lot of great question…..a lot of the same questions you guys ask me! So if you get a chance click on the link above and check it out! You and see or just listen to it and I think the are giving away a few signed photos I set them, but I’m not positive how you go about getting them? Anyway, write me on my guest book and tell me what you think! TTY Soon! Loves, Taylor

Date 7/18/06

FAN MAIL: Guess what……I just finished answering tons of fan mail! YES!! I spent 3 whole days working on it and I got almost all of what I have done! Until my managers send me more this month! lol  So if you sent me a letter or photos request before May/June….check your mail box because I wrote you back! Hey I wanted "Jainer" from Singapore to know that I have gotten all your letters and I have written you back every time and today at the post office I realized why you might not have gotten any of them. Because I always put standard US postage on your letter thinking because it was just a small envelope, it was enough postage. Wrong O….so I saved a few of the last letters I wrote you and I'm going to send them all to you next week. Sorry about the mix up, but thanks for being so patient and such a great fan! Thanks so much everyone for writing!Loves, Taylor

Date 6/28/06

All my friends from Arizona went home yesterday and I miss them already! We had such a great time! We had 8 kids at my house for 7 days and we made every second count! lol We went to the beach a lot, went swimming in the pool, went to Universal City Walk, and of course Six Flags, but I think our favorite was playing Capture the Flag in the cul-de-sac by my house every night. Their last night here we all stayed up all night and watched the sun come up! We all had such a great time that we decided to do it again next summer….and every summer after that....our poor moms! lol My friends and I are always taking funny photos, so I thought I would share some with you guys....No laughing! Oh, my 2 BBF's are Sydney and Jocy .....I get asked that question a lot! TTYL

Date 6/25/06

Wow!!! I really want to say a Big Thank You to …Ellen <3!!!! Check out the video clip she made for me! It is sooooo Awesome! Both my parents cried when they watched it! You Rock Ellen <3!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make something so special for me! I'm going to add it to my new web site design…..if it is OK with you!  Thank you for being soooo sweet and for being such a great fan!  Loves, Taylor

Date 6/23/06

Hey Guys, someone sent me a link to this forum: Top 5 Starlets. It look pretty cool, after my company leaves I’m going to try to log on and see if I can chat with some of you guys….check it out! Loves, Taylor

Date 6/20/06

My brother, Sydney, and I are so excited! Today a bunch more of our friends are driving in from Arizona to hang out for a week! Well, actually my friend’s mom is brave enough to drive 5 of our friends out! So there will be 8 kids (including my brother and I) at my house for a week! YES!! I’m so excited! So far we are planning to going to a couple of the theme parks and the beach! I can’t wait to see everyone! TTYL Loves, Taylor

Date 6/11/06

We just got back from the Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation! It is my favorite charity event and I’m so glad I was invited to help out again. This year I worked one of the game booths and it was so much fun! All the little kids are so excited to be there and it’s great to meet them and see their smiley faces! This year was especially fun for me because as you guys know…. my bbf Sydney is in town and she got to go with me and hang out! We all had a lot of fun and the best part is a lot of money was raised for the care and research of kids with AIDS. If you are able to donate to this very worthwhile charity please click the link above and give LIFE to a child with AIDS! I took a few mom is the one with her arm in a cast (she broke her elbow rollerblading with my brother and I) and Sydney is in the yellow shirt. tty soon Loves, Taylor

Date 6/10/06

Hey Guys, I’m so excited!!! Today….actually in a little while….. I’m heading to the airport with my Dad to pick up my best friend Sydney! She is flying in from Arizona for a two week visit! I’m soooo excited to see her, we have a bunch of fun things planned, but the coolest thing about having your best friend around is that we can just be hanging out and we have fun! Gotta go  finish cleaning my room! ttyl Loves, Taylor

Date 5/30/06

GUEST BOOK QUESTIONS: Q: What was it like filming "Shark Boy and Lava Girl". A: The entire filming process was an amazing experience. Robert is an amazing director, it was fun working on a green screen, I loved being able to do all those cool stunts, and every one in the cast & crew were so much fun to work with! Q: What is the best part of being an actress? A: The best part is being able to do what I love soooo much, which is act! I have such a passion for acting and I love becoming someone else and discovering what it is they are feeling and what the character is going through. I know that there are so many young girls my age that would love to have the same opportunities and I'm so grateful for the blessing to be able to do what I love so much! Q: Do you and Drew get along all the time? A: Honestly…yes, we do! Drew and I hardly ever fight, but we do like to aggravate each other from time to time. We are really close and we are both pretty easy going, so we don't get on each others nerves. Q: What is your dream car? A: I don't really have one. I know my dad says he is going to get me an armored car, just to keep me safe. Can you see me driving around in that! lol Q: Where is the coolest place you've ever been to? A: Well, I've never been out of the states, but my family's favorite vacation spot is in West Palm Beach, Florida. Q: How would you describe your personality? A: Added to My FAQ's Page. I get asked it a lot! Q: Do you like being home schooled? A: Yes, I love it! Q: How does it feel watching yourself on TV? A: It is really weird. I don't really like to watch what I've done because I"m so "type A"; I'm always very critical about my acting and feel like I could have done a better job. Then I have to remind myself…it's all a process and I'll continue to grow as an actress just like you grow in life. Good Questions Sarahi, Thanks for asking! Loves, Taylor

Date 5/20/06

Guest Book Questions ~ from Lili Q: Hey Taylor, I was just wondering why don't you ever write about spending time with friends who aren't famous? Do you ever spend time with them? A: Glad you asked Lili, the reason I don't talk about spending time with friends that are not in the business is because I moved from Arizona to Los Angeles one month before I left to start filming "Shark boy and Lava Girl". So, when we got back to L.A. my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to be home schooled. They were worried about me (and my brother) adjusting to so many changes at one time, like moving to a new state (we moved because of my Dad's job), starting middle school and being the new girl, then having to miss a lot of school for all the publicity coming up for the films release, ect….! So, the only down side to being home schooled is you don't get a lot of opportunities to make new friends. So, that is actually why all my friends here in L.A. are people I have meet either at auditions, acting classes, from my managers and agents, or from other friends in the business. I do talk to all my friends in Arizona all the time, but I don't get to see them much! I'm really excited though because my best friend Sydney is flying in from AZ for a week in June, right after school gets out! I'm so excited; I can't wait to see her!! Good Question Lili, thanks for asking! Loves, Taylor 

Date 5/14/06

Hey Guys! Last night I went to the “High School Musical” DVD premiere! Victoria, Taylor, Matt, and I all went together and we had a blast! It was fun watching the movie again (I know all my favorite parts by heart), but the after party was the BEST part of the night! We meet Zac Efron, Vanessa Ann Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and everyone else from the cast! Ace Young from “American Idol” was also there! He was soooo nice and he gave us the inside scoop on what’s happening with Chris! They had so many fun things to do at the after party like Karaoke, Dance Dance Revolution, Basketball, but our favorite was called “Dance Heads”! It was where they video taped your head movements and put it on an animated body that was dancing to the music! It was so funny! I have never laughed so hard at what we looked like! The funniest one we made was me, Vic, and Matt dancing heads to the song “Baby Got Back”! It was hilarious! I wish I could put in on my web site for you guys to see… would crack up, it's soooo funny! lol! Talk to you soon! Loves, Taylor   Photos

Date 5/13/06

Courtney's 14th Birthday Party! She had a dancing party & it was such a riot! The D.J. played a lot of good songs along with the music video's on a big screen! It was crazy, but extremely fun! We even did the whole Michael Jackson 80's "Thriller" dance scene from the movie "13 going on 30"! We laughed so hard! We danced all night long, even my brother got up and danced! Drew takes hip-hop dance classes, so he looked better than most of the older guys on the dance floor! He scored some major cool points! lol Photos

Date 5/7/06

Lollipop Theater Network"! Lollipop is a charity that screens current movies for kids in the hospital, who can't go see them at the theater! It is an awesome charity and it is such a great experience! Lollipop had arranged a screening of "Hoot" and a surprise visit from the cast Cody Linley, Brie Larson, and Logan Lerman after the movie! The kids were so excited to meet Cody, Brie, and Logan and the three of them were so great with all the kids in the hospital!! They made so many kids smile and it was so great to see their happy faces! Matt Underwood and Victoria Justice were there to help out also! Lots of the kids watch Zoey and saw Shark Boy and Lava Girl too, so they were excited we were there to help. It was so great to see what a difference you can really make when you're willing to give!! I really love this charity; it means so much to me! Hopefully a lot more celebrities will get involved in the future! Photos

Date 5/7/06

Wango Tango" concert!!!  Jenna Boyd had tickets and invite me to go with her. It was awesome!! We had such a blast….we laughed and danced all night! J Kanye West, Natasha Bennigfield, Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo, Baby Bash, and Daddy Yankee and it rocked! Thank you soooo much Jenna!! I had a blast!  Photos! 

Date 4/30/06

Over the Hedge Premiere! It was so much fun! I'm so excited because I got to meet and hang out with a lot of stars! Bruce Willis, Avril Lavigne, Steve Carell, Steven Spielberg, and soooo many more! Victoria and Matt were there also! We had a great time and I absolutely loved the movie! It was soooo cute! You have got to go see it!! But guess what? I was so excited about the whole experience, that I forgot I had my camera with me, so I didn't get very many pictures LBut I did get some when we went to the California Pizza Kitchen after the movie! We hung out there for a few hours and had a blest! I met Mily Cyrus and Corbin Blue and they are both soooo sweet! Well, check out the pics and defiantly go see the movie!!  

Date 4/28/06

E mail Question ~ from Aaron: Q: What are your favorite "FAN" web sites? A: Wow, that is a hard one! I've seen so many great fan sites out there and I know all you guys have worked so hard & taken a lot of time to make some really cool sites! I appreciate them all and I'm so thankful and blessed to have such awesome fans!!  But OK, if I have to pick a couple of my favorites it would defiantly be the fan sites posted below, because they are loaded with some of the coolest stuff I've seen and they have lots of great info on them! 

Date 4/23/06

Yesterday was Matthew Underwood's 16th

Birthday Party! We threw it at my house & it was such a blast! There were a ton of people that came to wish Matt "Happy Birthday" – he defiantly has a ton of friends & it was so awesome that so many of his friends showed up! I even got my best friend Sydney from Arizona to come out!! We all had a blast together!! We got into a major water gun fight and we got soaked!! But I think Vic got it the worst! She was drenched!! We did the limbo, soaked each other with water, played capture the flag, dodge ball, Hit the Piñata, jumped on the trampoline, and relaxed in the Hot Tub! It was soooo much fun! Click for pictures!! Happy 16th Birthday Matt! 

Date 4/15/06

I just got back from the movie premiere of "Hoot"! It was such a cute movie!! I fell in love with all the owls (they are sooo cute) and the Florida scenery was amazingly beautiful!! After the movie, they had an after party! I was able to meet Logan Lerman, Cody Linley, Brie Larson, and Luke Wilson! They are all super nice! I was so excited to meet Jimmy Buffett, my whole family loves his music (we are always blasting his CD in the car and singing as loud as we can - lol) and he wrote a lot of new songs just for "HooT"! Victoria and Matt were also there and the three of us had a blast! They had Surf City Squeeze , Wetzel Pretzel, and they even had "Mother Paula's Pancakes" at the after party! We hung out there for a while and then we walked around "The Grove" checking out all the stores!  I had so much fun with my friends and the movie was great....I defiantly recommend going to see it if you get the chance especially if your an animal lover like me! Photos: "HooT" Premiere     

Date 4/12/06

Guest Book Questions ~ from Lizzie: Q:  Do you belong to SAG? A: Yes, I belong to SAG (Screen Actors Guild). Q: What did you like most about doing Shark Boy and Lava Girl? A: I loved being able to bring "Lava Girl's" character to life, right off the pages that I read and the way I imagined her to be! That was definatly the best part, but I also loved, working with Robert Rodriguez, Cayden Boyd and Taylor Lautner and the pink hair was a major bonus! lol Q: How much did it cost to get your web site made by Rejuvisite? A: Good question and one that I don't have the answer for? I'm sorry! I do know that Dan (from Rejuvisite) designed my web just before "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" and I love his design!  *Dan is working on a whole new web design… keep checking back, we hope to have it up soon!

Date 4/10/06

Kallie Flynn Childress's 18th Birthday party! It was a lot of fun!! It was at Aura Night Club; of course it was a Sunday night so it was just us kids and all the soda we could handle! lol Photos: Kallie's Birthday Party 

Date 4/1/06

Hey Everyone!! Today was the Nick Kids Choice Awards!!! It was soooo much fun!!! And the show was awesome to see! There were so many stars there too! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, but my mom got a few! I brought my little brother and he had a blast! And Jamie Lynn Spears won for "Zoey 101"!! Go Jamie and go Zoey 101!! After the awards we went to the after party! There was a fun house, dance floor (my favorite!), basketball and soccer arcade games, and a lot more! It was soooo much fun! And a lot of my friends were there! I hung out with Victoria, Matt, and Erin all night! We all danced the night away! And before we knew it they were shutting everything down and everyone was leaving! It was such a blast and the whole way home my brother kept saying how cool it was and how I was such a cool sister! It made me feel good because we are always driving around on auditions and he is stuck coming with us! So I love it when we get to go to someplace fun for him! All in all, it was such a blast! I can't wait for next year!!

Date 3/25/06

27th Annual Young Artist Awards ~ Unfortunately, I didn't win, Dakota Fanning won for "Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story"! I think she deserved it though! She is an amazing actress and did a phenomenal job in "Dreamer"!!! Even though I didn't win, I still had a lot of fun!! All my friends sat together and we all had a blast and laughed so much! The Best Part was…. "Zoey 101" … Won! …for "Best Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series! We were all so excited for them and they gave a great speech! Certified 20"! They had awesome voices!! And they are beautiful! Keep your eyes out for them….they have some serious talent! After the award show a bunch of us went over to Jerry's Deli and went bowling!!! We had such a riot! So all in all, I had a blast! And got to hang out with my friends!! It is ok I didn't win, because there is always next year!! Young Artist Awards Photos

Date 3/19/06

C.A.R.E Awards 2006 - I had so much fun at the C.A.R.E. Awards yesterday!! I got to see all my friends, even some I haven't seen in a while! And I got to meet a lot of new people! The Awards were held at Universal Studios and after an awesome awards ceremony with Chinese Dancers and Dragons and a special guest speaker, we got to hang out at Universal Studio's!! It was a lot of fun!!! I had a blast hanging out with all my friends!! The park was a little bit packed, so we didn't get to go on as many rides as we would have liked, but we still had tons of fun hanging out! I definitely want to go next year! Unless I am lucky enough to be filming a movie at the time!  I took some photos to share with you guys and "Wire Image" was also there taking pictures. (the wire image photos are in a-z order - according to first names and on the C.A.R.E. link above, catch the photos on the bottom of the page - I'm on page 16)

Date 3/10/06

27th Annual Young Artist Awards ~ Guess What???…….I just found out that I was nominated for the Young Artist Awards – Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actress for The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl! Wow, what an honor! I'm in some great company! It is an honor to be mentioned along with everyone else who was also nominated. Wish me luck! Click the link above to see the list of nominees! 

Date 3/5/06

Guest Book Questions: ~ From Emily Carpenter - Q:  Do you still read "Discovery Girls" magazine? A: Yes, I do read Discovery Girls magazine & I love it! I have a subscription, so it comes to my house and I sit down and read it as soon as it comes! Q:  Why did I delete JoJo from one of my favorite singers on my FAQ's page? I still like JoJo…..I just don't find myself listening to her music as much as I use too. One of my new favorites is Carrie Underwood! Q: Why did I delete Scout-Taylor Compton from my friend's page? A: I love Scout! She is super sweet and I think she is a great actress! We met in an acting class and we use to have the same managers. I don't take that class any more and I have switched managers, so unfortunately we don't get a chance to see each other much any more, but we are still friends! I just had to condence my friends list!  Q: Why wasn't Anna-Sophia Robb at my 13th Birthday party? A: Anna-Sophia is working on a film called "Bridges of Terabithia" right now in New Zealand. When Anna-Sophia isn't on a movie set her home is actually in Colorado, so chances are she might not have been able to come anyway, unless she was in L.A. for business. Ann-Sophia is a great friend and we try to get together when she is in L.A.  Emily I really want to say "Thank you" so much for being such a great fan! I love your fan web site! Loves, Taylor

Date 3/1/06

Stephanie Update:  JStephanie (whom I told you about after our visit toMichigan, back in August) has been fighting brain cancer since last January-05. Well, we just found out that Stephanie's cancer is in now in remission, which means she is Cancer Free!  Isn't that the Best News Ever! My mom and I were so excited, we both cried when we heard the news! We are so happy for her! I want to say "Thank You" so much for all your prayers for Stephanie! I know through all your cards, letters, and e mails that there are so many of you guys that have been praying for Steph's recovery! See God Answers Prayers!! From what I'm told, the Doctors only orders for Stephanie are to go back to school and start enjoying being a kid! Were so happy for you Steph, you're the "Super Hero"!!!

Date 2/26/06

Hey Everyone! I am "13" today and pretty excited to officially be a "Teenager"!! It was a great birthday weekend! I had a sleepover with just a few of my closest friends on Saturday night and we had so much fun! My parent's barbequed one of my favorite's (steak tenderloin and shrimp), while we jumped on the trampoline, and went in the hot tub with Pina Colada's (non-alcoholic obviously!), and we stayed up late! Then on Sunday, we played dodge ball, Halo-2, and just hung out on the trampoline and in the hot tub! It was a perfect weekend! Check out some pictures from the weekend! Oh, and in one of the pictures we are drinking something that looks like "beer", but it is actually Crème Soda! Which is one of my favorites, along with Pina Coladas! I wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone who sent me a birthday gift! It was very thoughtful!! Thanks so much! You made my birthday feel special! Loves, Taylor

Date 2/24/06

GUEST BOOK QUESTIONS ~ From Lindsey: Q:How long did it take you to film Shark Boy and Lava Girl? A: It took us 3 months to film SB & LG and we filmed it in Austin, Texas. We started filming in September and we finished in December just before Christmas. Q: How did you get your Lava Girl costume on? A: With a lot of help! It took about 10 minutes to get in on, with the help of Vanessa from the wardrobe department and my mom, every time I got it on and off! It literally "fit like a glove" but the minute I got it on, I felt like "Lava Girl"! JQ: How did you meet Anna-Sophia Robb? A: I met Anna-Sophia for the first time at a small private "GEMZ" concert. The GEMZ, Anna-Sophia, and I all had the same management team at that time. Anna-Sophia and I were both staying in audition, for a few months. We hit it off right away and got to spend a lot of time hanging out (when we weren't auditioning). Since then, we have become good friends even though we don't get to see each other as much as we would like too! Another Q: I get a lot of e mails asking what Anna-Sophia is like? A: Anna-Sophia is a super sweet hearted person, a really great friend, of course an awesome actress, and a lot of fun to hang out with......especially shopping!!!

Date 2/20/06

We just got back from Catalina Island and we had so much fun! Of course the weather last weekend was defiantly colder than usual and we had some rain, but we didn't let that stop us from having fun! Catalina Islandis about 20 miles off the coast of Californiaand is such a quaint, friendly island, with a cool Mediterranean feel, and tons of things to do! To get to the island we took an hour boat ride and we packed in as much fun as we could once we got there! We went on this amazing underwater boat ride to "Lover's Cove" (a marine Preserve) where you can see so many really beautiful fish, and they come right up to the boats glass windows and you almost feel like you are swimming with them. We also took a guided tour of the Islands only city called "Avalon" and we were able to see the Islandfrom some amazing views and take some awesome photos! We also shopped, hung out at the beach, and ate a lot of great food! It was a fast, but fun weekend. Catalina is defiantly a place I'd love to go back too sometime when the weather is warmer! ~ I added some pictures on My Photos page.

Date 2/17/06

Q: What is your favorite book? A: I love to read! That's a tough one...I have so many books that I just love, but I think if I had to name one favorite it would be Where the Red Fern Grows. I read that book in the 3rd grade and I think it is still one of my favorites! Q: What does your room look like at home (Clean, messy, ect...)? A: Well, considering I have been told more time than I can count that I have a type "A" personality, it wouldn't surprise my friends to know that my room is defiantly always clean and I have everything (like shoes, purses, ect…) completely organized. I'll try to take a photo in my room soon and put in my photo you guys can check out the "Decor".Q: Do you like to sing? A: Actually, I love singing! I take vocal lessons and my vocal coach says I have a really great range for my age. I think singing (like acting) is so inspirational, because it comes from your heart and sole! Acting's definatly my first love, but singing is my second love....well singing and horse riding

Date 2/10/06

GUEST BOOK QUESTIONS ~ from Katarina Gores: Q: Are you anything like Lava Girl? I know you don't shoot out lava like she does, but do you have the same personality as her? A: Yes, I feel like Lava Girl and I have a lot of the same personality traits. We both look at life and situations the same way, with a positive attitude and if we are faced with a problem we both try to look at the bright side of things. Lava Girl is also searching to find out more about her inner self and as I'm growing up I really enjoy learning more and more about the person I really am inside and how things that happen, seem to change and shape how I feel.  Q: Do you know Ashley Tisdale? A: Yes, I do. I have met her a couple of times at different charity events and believe it or not…..Ashley's uncle is my next door neighbor, so I see her in front of my house every once in a while. 

Date 2/3/06
Last night I went to the coolest cocktail party/charity event for Lollipop Theater Network! It was a very special fundraiser at a beautiful house in Beverly Hills. What made it so unique was that they had over 50 Build-A-Bear stuffed animals with celebrity recorded vioce messages in their paws, that they were auctioning off for charity. They had celebrity bears there from stars like George Clooney, Jim Belushi, Julia Roberts, Freddie Highmore, everyone from the show Friends and tons more! The one I bid on 5 times, but eventually lost out on was Zac Efron's, but it was exciting bidding on it! I also got to meet some of my favorite stars, like Lance Bass from N'SYNC, which was one of my favorite groups when I was younger. I also got to meet Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry from Friends. And, I have a really funny story to share with you guys! I was standing there talking to Evelyn Iccolano (one of the founders of Lollipop) and up walks this very pretty lady. Evelyn introduces us and she says "Taylor Dooley this is Taylor Dayne" and Taylor Dayne says "Hi there, I love your name Taylor" and we started to laugh! But then I told her that I was actually named after her. My mom named me after her because she was one of my mom's favorite singers when I was born. She was surprised to hear that and said she was honored and would really like to meet my mom. So, I went and grabbed my mom and said "There is someone I want you to meet" ….needless to say ….she was shocked! It was pretty cool! The night ended up being so much fun and the best part is that it raised a lot of money for one of my favorite charities Lollipop Theater Network! What an amazing charity....Please click on the "LTN" link and see for yourselves how this amazing charity brings laughter and movie magic to the kids who need it most! You can also see some photos of this event on Wire Image ....check out the cute bears!!

Date 1/23/06

DISCOVERY GIRL MAGAZINE: Hey Guys....check out the Feb/March issue of "Discovery Girls Magazine" and see if you can figure out which pampered pet is their "Celebrities-Pet Match Up"! Those who know me, know that I’m a major animal lover and if it was up to me I’d have them all, but let’s see if you can guess……which furry friend is mine? No peeking on my web site find the answer!!! Loves, Taylor

Date 1/11/06

Hey guys, I wanted to let you guys know that I did reply to a ton (about 90%) of my fan mail and autograph requests in-between the holidays and when my managers got back in their office, I received 3 more big packages of mail. I also noticed that a lot of it was dated before Christmas. So, if you sent me something before Christmas and you have not received anything back yet……I just received it myself and I’m working on it now. The bummer is I’m back to school and I’m starting to get busier with auditions. So, I promise I’ll get to yours as soon as I can. Thank you so much for all your letters and you patience! You guys are the best and you make me feel pretty special! Thanks! Loves, Taylor

Date 1/8/06

Well it's my last day of Christmas Vacation and I have to say I’ve had a blast! We were not able to make it to Arizona for a visit. Instead, my Grandma Dooley flew in to stay with us for a while! It’s been awesome having her here with us! We did do a bunch of fun things here in California! We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain, ice skating, horseback riding, and we saw a lot of movies (my favorite). We also had a bunch of sleepovers and we stayed up almost all night, it was a blast! Back to school tomorrow…..bummer! But….my favorite time of year is fast approaching……"Pilot Season"! It is one of the busiest times for auditions. It’s my favorite time of year because I really love auditioning, for me it’s a chance to act! So, wish me luck, lots of prayers, and if I’m blessed enough to get a role….you guys will be the first to know! Lots a Loves, Taylor

Date 1/1/06

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2006 will be a great year for everyone!

Date 12/25/05
Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope everyone has a great Christmas! God Bless during this Holiday season!! Loves to All! Taylor Dooley

Date 12/19/05
E Mail QUESTION: I received a lot of e mails asking me what I was planning to do for Christmas. ANSWER: We are planning on staying home for Christmas day and my Uncle Gary is flying in to spend Christmas day with us. We have this great family tradition! My parents started it when we moved from Michigan to Arizona when I was 5. We stay home on Christmas day, we leave our P.J.’s on all day, and we all play with our gifts we got from Santa! Even my parents play with us!! The only thing my mom does, is makes dinner (in her P.J.’s)! We always have such a blast! : 0) After Christmas we are planning on driving to Arizona to visit our family and friends, and I think we are heading back home just after the New Year. I’m excited……I have all my shopping done…..and I’m counting down the days!

Date 12/16/05
Hey Guys, I wanted to let you know that tonight I was finally able to answer a bunch for your e mails! That’s the good news! The bad news is that I must have had problems with my web site e mail because it deleted all my e mails that were dated before December 2nd. So if you e mailed me a while ago and I haven’t answered your e mail, it was probably deleted. Sorry about that! If you e mail me again and I will try to answer as many e mails as I can while I’m on Christmas break. I hope you guys enjoy your Christmas vacation. : 0)

Date 12/13/05
Only 3 more days of school until Christmas Break! Yes! I can’t wait! I wanted to apologize to everyone who has sent me fan mail and photo request in the past few months. I have been super busy with school, home work, and auditions, that it is crazy! But a good crazy, of course! I wanted to let you know that I just sent a bunch of letters and autographed photos out last weekend, so hopefully you will get them soon. I have tons more to do and I promises I will try really hard to get to them all during my Christmas Break! I can’t wait till this Friday! No more school or homework until Jan 2nd! Now that is something to be thankful 4! lol : 0) Loves, Taylor

Date 12/12/05
I want to say a BIG "Thank You" to you guys who have sent me Christmas gifts already this year. Thank you so much for thinking about me at Christmas time! I wanted to let you guys know that I want to be able to send all you guys thank you cards, but with school, homework and auditions, I might not get those out until after the holidays! I just wanted you to know right away, how thankful I am for your thoughts and gifts! Thanks you guys so much!!: 0) I hope you guys have an Awesome Holiday Season! Loves, Taylor

Date 12/11/05
Movie Review: I have the scoop for you guys! I just got back from a screening of "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" and it was awesome! I liked it even better than the first one! Of course, a good friend of mine Taylor Lautner is in Cheaper 2 and that is more than a good reason to drag your parents to the theater to see it on December 21st, but trust me neither you nor your parents will be disappointed! It is a great movie! I love Steven Martin and Eugene Levy and they are so funny together! And, of course Taylor is awesome in it! Check out his red shorts......that was his least favorite part about making the movie! Lol - Mark your calendars on December 21st! It is defiantly a must see this holiday season!

Date 12/10/05
I just got back from the Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times 22nd Annual Christmas Party. It is a party for the children who have attended the Ronald McDonald Camp throughout the year. The Christmas Party is something that the kids really look forward to all year and I felt so lucky to be invited to attend and sign autographs! It was a great experience and I got to meet some amazing kids! I added some pictures to my photo section. My favorite is the picture of Sasha and me, with Daffy and the sweetest little girl imaginable! If you are able to give this Holiday Season, please check out my home page and look for my link to this amazing charity! You’ll be happy you did and you’ll feel the true giving spirit of Christmas! : 0) Loves, Taylor

Date 12/8/05
Movie Review: “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. We were lucky enough to be able to see the movie tonight before it opens tomorrow! Wow, what a great movie with awesome CGI animation and great visual effects! The actors did a really good job too, especially Georgie Henley, as Lucy who is the heart and soul if the movie! I had read the book for school, so I was excited to see the story come to life! I thought they did a great job! C.S. Lewis is an amazing writer and this is a great fantasy story with important messages about trust and betrayal and more importantly the power of forgiveness! If you liked the book, you’ll love the movie!

Date 11/24/05
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I have so much to be thankful for in my life and I'm sure you guys do too! Tell someone you love them today and what your thankful for! : 0) I hope you have an awesome Turkey Day! Loves, Taylor

Date 10/23/05
I just got back from an awesome charity event: “Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times 13th Annual Halloween Carnival”! What a great job the volunteers did organizing this amazing charity event! “Camp Ronald McDonald for a Good Time” is such an wonderful charity that provides the most amazing camping experience for kids that have been diagnosed with cancer and their families. This charity event raises money to be able to send tons of kids and their families to these special camps each year! I’m so thankful that I was asked to help out this year by signing autographs for some of the sweetest kids all dressed up their Halloween costumes and I had such a great time doing it! There are photos in my “Photos” section and you can learn more about this awesome charity and how you can help from the link on the bottom of my “Home Page” in the section marked "Charities"! Loves ~ Taylor

Date 10/22/05
Hey Guys….I wanted to answer some of your questions I've gotten from your e-mails and guest book entries. So, I answered a bunch of them below! I also updated my "FAQ's" page with the questions you guys ask most, so check it out! Thank you for writting! Questions Below:

Date 10/21/05
Question #1: When does your new movie “Trick or Treat” come out in theaters? A: It will be released in theaters over seas in the Spring/2006 and here in the USA ~ Fall/2006, in time for Halloween.

Date 10/20/05
Question #2: Can you send me an autographed photo? A: I would love to send you an autographed photo. Just follow the instructions at the bottom of my “Contact Me” page and I will send you a photo as soon as I get your letter.

Date 10/19/05
Question #3 – How did you get started in the acting business? A: Please check out my “About Me” page. You’ll get the whole scoop there!

Date 10/18/05
Question #4: Is Taylor Lautner your boy friend? A: No, Taylor and I are really good friends. Our parents and younger siblings are also great friends!

Date 10/17/05
Question #5: Do you have a boy friend? A: No I don't have a boyfriend, but I have a lot of guys that I'm good friends with, I’m only 12 and I’m not allowed to date.

Date 10/16/05
Question #6: Can you please e mail me back (when I sign your guest book) A: No, I don’t have excess to your e mail address from your guest book entries, but I would love to e-mail you back. Just send me an e mail from my “Contact Me” page and I’ll try to write you back as soon as I can.

Date 10/15/05
Question #7: What advice would you give other kids who want to be in movies? A: Well, first I’d say “Never give up on your dreams”! I think if you work hard and long enough at something, you can do what ever it is that you want to do! Secondly, I’d say the hardest part I have found about the acting business is that you get told "no", unfortunately your not right for this part" a lot more often than your told "Yes, you got the part". So, you need to have thick skin and don’t let the No’s get you down. Remember, every actor/actress had to start somewhere and most importantly ~ always believe in yourself, no matter what!

Date 10/14/05
Question #8: What was it like working with Taylor Lautner? A: It was a blast! We got along great and had a lot of fun both on the set and on the weekends too!

Date 10/13/05
Question #9: What is your favorite scene from your movie? A: My favorite scene to watch is the one where Cayden gets zapped by the plugs and his hair stands straight up. That cracks me up every time! My favorite scene to film was the one on the giant chocolate chip cookie. Because when Taylor (Shark Boy) steps in the chocolate….it was really chocolate and we had a blast eating it in between scenes. I also loved filming all the scenes that had us doing all those really cool stunts! We got to fly around on wire harnesses and it was so much fun!

Date 10/12/05
Question #10: Do you get recognized in public? Yes I do sometimes, and so far it has been a really nice experience. Everyone I’ve met has been so excited and full of nice things to say and I’m happy to sign an autograph. So if you see me somewhere, please say “Hi”!

Date 10/11/05
Question #11: How tall are you? I'm 5 foot 2 inches tall.

Date 10/10/05
Question #12: How old are you? A: I'm 12 years old and my birthday is February 26th.

Date 10/9/05
Question #13: Do you have MSN? No, I don't ~ I'm sorry.

Date 10/8/05
Question #14: Do you post on other web sites like My Space, IMDB, or in chat rooms? A: No, I have never been on MySpace. I do check out IMDB from time to time, but I never post anything and I never go into chat rooms. I have heard that there are people pretending to be me. Please, don’t be fooled and whatever you do don’t give them any of your personal information because it is not me, and it is not safe!

Date 10/7/05
Autographed Photo Requests: I wanted to apologize to all you guys that have e mailed me, letting me know that you have written me a letter asking me for an autographed photo and have not received it yet. Unfortunately, my contact address changed a couple of months ago and my mail was not forwarded to me. So it is very possible that I have not received your letter? I’m so sorry about that! I am getting all my fan mail now, at my new address and that mailing address is on my “Contact Me” page. So, if you would still like a photo, I would love to send you one. Just follow the instructions at the bottom of my “Contact Me” page and I promise I will get a photo out to you as soon as I get your letter. Thank you for your understanding. Loves, Taylor

Date 10/2/05
Lava Girl Halloween Costumes: I have gotten lots of e mails asking me if there is anywhere I know of that you can buy a “Lava Girl” Halloween costumes? Unfortunately, I don’t think they are selling them at the Halloween Costume Stores. I did have some one write me and tell me that there is a lady on “E Bay” and she is making “Lava Girl” costumes for people. The girl that wrote to tell me about it said that she was really happy with the way her costume turned out and was so excited to wear it on Halloween! I have not been on E Bay to check it out myself yet, but you might want to check it out? If I hear anything else I’ll let you guys know! ~ Taylor

Date 9/30/05
Hey Guys, I want to say a big “Thank You” to all of you, for all your support and prayers for my friend Stephanie who is fighting cancer! It means so much to me, Stephanie, and her family!! Her family continually writes me to tell me about all the people who sign her “Guestbook” and say they pray for her! That’s So Awesome! Thanks again! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Loves and God bless! ~ Taylor

Date 9/29/05
Hey Everyone! I wanted to answer an important question that has come up a lot lately. One of those: This is how rumors get started questions. QUESTION: Do I smoke? I guess because there are pictures of me on Taylor Lautners website with a “candy cigarette” in my hand. ANSWER: NO! Those were Not Real cigarettes! They are candy cigarettes! I would never smoke!! No offence, but I don’t like smoking! I can’t stand the smell of smoke and I think it is dumb to do something that you know is bad for you! We were in New York and my mom had taken us to a candy store and we bought some candy cigarettes. If you look close you can see that they are candy and not real! I hope this sets the record straight!

Date 9/24/05
I had such a blast today! We went to the Nickelodeon Movie Premiere for the Rugrats new movie. The movie was great and the party was awesome! They had so many really cool things to do like decorating these huge cookies or ice creams sundae with every kind of candy you can think of, styling booths where you can get your hair and makeup done, a lip gloss booth, photos booths, bobbing for apples, a big slide and this huge bouncing area and tons of other fun booths. My favorite was the DJ and these 3 great dancers they hired to keep the party going! The music was awesome, the dancers showed us a lot of cool moves and I danced with my friends for hours! We had so much fun! Check out the pic's on my "Photos" page.

Date 9/20/05
Most Frequently Asked Question: When will "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl" be out on DVD.......Well the answer is TODAY! In the United States! We received our copies of the DVD last week and we got together with Taylor Lautner (Shark Boy) and his family to check it out! Robert (the director) put a section on the DVD called “Creating Shark Boy and Lava Girl” and in it they have a quick clip of Taylor and I auditioning for the parts of Shark Boy and Lava Girl! It is funny….you got to check it out……boy, do we look a lot younger and it has only been a year! The Movie is really cool both in 3-D and in the 2-D version too! So, pick up a copy when you can and check it out! Talk to you soon! ~ Taylor

Date 9/18/05
To My Friends in South Africa: I've had a tons of e mails from "South Africa" over the weekend, because "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" just opened in Theaters over there. Did you guys know that the actress that plays the "Ice Princess" was born in South Africa and lived in "Johannesburg" as a baby. Her name is Sasha Pieterse and she is an awesome actress and a really good friend! I'm not sure if you guys get to see any of our TV shows over there in South Africa, but Sasha will be a "Guest Star" on a TV show called "House" on Fox this Tuesday, the 20th, at 9pm (Pacific Daylight Time). She plays a little girl dying of cancer. I've seen some of the photos from the shoot and they look really amazing. Check it out if you can! Thanks so much for writing! ~ Taylor

Date 9/11/05
I have gotten a lot of e mails asking me how my friend “Stephanie” (from Michigan) is feeling. Frist, I want to say "Thank you" so much for your e mails and prayers! I’m glad to report that Stephanie is out of the hospital and feeling a lot better. She still has a long fight ahead of her, but I know she can do it! She is my “Super Hero” and we have all been praying for her to be cancer free someday soon! You can learn more about my Super Hero: Stephanie….on her web sight which is: Please remember to pray for her too! Thanks ~ Taylor

Date 9/10/05
Hey…. I really wanted to say “HI” to: Kalrissa Lee from New Orleans and let you know that you and your family have been on my mind and in my heart! My family and I have been praying for you and your family! I can't imagine what your family and everyone down in New Orleans must be going through. Thank you so much for your messages and for keeping us updated on how your family is doing! Please e mail me when you get a chance (you can do that from my “Contact ME” web page)! I would love to keep in touch, hear how you are doing, and become friends. God Bless You! ~ Taylor

Date 8/29/05
E Mail Update: I wanted to let you know that my "In Box" was maxed out on my web sight e mail when I got back from my family vacation and it froze my e mail. So my dad had to delete all my e mails from my "In Box" to fix it. It has been imposable to catch up on answering all my e mails because I get so many e mails every day and I was not able to check my e mail for 6 weeks while I was filming “Trick or Treat”, and I really got behind. So maybe it was a blessing that it crashed. Now I can start from scratch. So if you have written lately and I have not written you back....send me another e mail and I'll try to respond as soon as possible and hopefully I’ll be able to answer most of your e mails. Remember to check out “My Journal” because I’ll post some of your most frequently asked questions there. Sorry about that....Thanks for understanding ~ Taylor

Date 8/28/05
I just got back from my family vacation in my home town in Michigan. It was so awesome seeing all my family and friends. I was also able to visit a really good friend of mine “Stephanie” that is in “Children’s Hospital”. I have been worried about her and have been praying for her since we found out she had cancer in January. It was really nice to see her and to be able to spend time with her. Stephanie, you’re my Super Hero! I was also able to visit some of the other kids in the hospital and they were able see a special screening of “Shark Boy and Lava Girl” with the help of a special friend named Evelyn Iocolano, who is one of the founders of an awesome organization called “The Lollipop Theater Network”. The "LTN" brings movies that are playing in theaters and sometime it stars, to kids that can’t get out of the hospital to see these movies. I really wanted to say “Thank you so much for all your help in making that screening possible at Children’s Hospital in Detroit, MI……Evelyn you’re the BEST and so is everyone at the "LTN”! I also wanted to give a shout out to my family and friends back in Michigan…..I had a blast….it was awesome seeing you guys! Check out some photos from our vacation on my “Photo’s” page!

Date 8/21/05
AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO MY FRIENDS: I have had a lot of people write me and ask me if I am a member of My Space, if I ever post on IMDB, or if I go into chat rooms? The answer to all of the above is “NO”! I have never been on my space and although I do go on IMDB, I have never posted anything on there myself and my parents don’t allow me to go into chat rooms because of security reasons. I have heard that there are people that are pretending to be me on My Space, IMDB and in chat rooms. I apologize for them and that anyone would try to mislead you like that, but please don’t let yourself be fooled and possibly taken advantage of. I think it is pathetic and very sad that people actually spend their time pretending to be other people. I'm not sure why people would spend their time doing that, but I can tell you that if you are out there and you think you are talking to me…….your not… is someone pretending to be me. Please don't respond to them and maybe they will get the hint! ~ Taylor

Date 8/5/05
Hey Guys, I wanted to let you know that you can pre-order “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D” on DVD now at It will be released on September 20th, 05. All of us are so excited to see what the DVD will have on it? Like the “Deleted Scenes” and “Bloopers”! There were some hilarious things that happened while we were filming and I have heard that they are putting a bunch of them in there! I hope they do because some of them are so funny! I also hope they have “The Making of…..” on the DVD because I never got to see how that turned out and neither did my family. I heard it was really cool, in a lot of your e mails! Anyway, if you didn’t get to see the movie in theaters…’ll be able to own it on video in September! Check out the link on my “Home Page”! ; 0)

Date 7/25/05
Vote! One of my best friends Jenna Boyd is up for a "Teen Choice Award" for ~ Movies: Choice Breakout Performance - Female ~ for the part of "Baily" in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"! She is an awesome actress, a super sweet person and a great friend! So PLEASE Go to Teen Choice Awards and Vote for Jenna Boyd. It is under "Wave 2"! Here is the link to vote: Thanks Guys!

Date 7/18/05
QUESTION: Is Taylor Lautner your boyfriend? ANSWER: No…but he is a very good friend and a super nice guy! QUESTION: Are you doing any other movies? ANSWER: I just finished filming “Trick or Treat” which should be out around Halloween-2005 and I have a couple of other projects that are in the works, but I’m not allowed to say until something is official. I’ll keep you posted! QUESTION: How long have you been acting? ANSWER: I have been auditioning for almost 2 years. QUESTION: What is your favorite part of being an actress ANSWER: any time I get to act, whether it is for an audition or actually getting a part and getting to actually become that character! Of couse I like the second one better, but both are fun! QUESTION: Are you more tomboyish or girly girl? ANSWER: defiantly “Girly Girl” QUESTION: What do you like to do for fun? ANSWER: Check out “My Favorites” page

Date 7/18/05
QUESTION: Can I call you or will you call me? ANSWER: I wish I could, but it really is not safe for me to give out my phone number or to call someone I don’t know. Just like it is not safe for you guys to post your phone numbers on my guest book, because you never know who might try to call you or start to follow you, and maybe even hurt you. So PLEASE, don’t post your phone number on my guest book or give your number out to anyone you don’t know, it isn’t safe and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you! Oh, same goes for IM’s, please be careful. People always think “things like that can’t happen to me”, but that is not true. It can happen to anyone and they look for easy opportunities….please don’t make yourself easy for someone to hurt you!

Date 7/18/05
QUESTION: How did you get into acting? ANSWER: I took an acting class while my family lived in Phoenix, AZ and loved it! Then I took a acting summer camp at the “Phoenix Theater” and later tried out for their theater group called the “PT Players”. It wasn’t long before I was able to get a local agent in Arizona. Then I was able to get in front of an agent from Los Angeles, California. They wanted me to come out and stay in L.A. for a busy time called “Pilot Season” which is mid January thru March. I was so lucky that my parents were willing to help me try to prusue my dreams and my mom, brother and I went to L.A. to give it a try. The first time out in L.A, I got a couple of national commercials, and I really fell in love with acting and begged my parents to consider moving to L.A. We all prayed a lot and God opened doors for our family, a few months later my dad got a job promotion in L.A. and my family moved. Only 3 months after we moved, I found out I book the part of “Lava Girl” and was heading to Austin, TX to start filming with Robert Rodriguez. God defiantly answers prayers, even young girls like me!

Date 7/17/05
Hi Guys! I started to respond to some of your e mails today! Wow…… all I can say is “Thank you so much for all your awesome e mails”! I still have over 1,600 e mails in my in box and that is after two hours on my computer responding to as many as I can! 1st - I really wanted you guys to know that I read every one of my e mails myself and I want to say “Thank You so much for all the super nice things you guys write to me, you guys are the best”! I’m going to put together a list of the most commonly asked questions from your e mails and answer them for you guys in my journal. So keep checking back.....I'll update it as often as I can!

Date 7/15/05
We just finished filming “Trick or Treat”! It was a lot of fun and the sets we filmed on were amazing! I can’t wait to see what the film looks like when it's done! The best part of filming “Trick or Treat” was making new friends! I’m very thankful that I got to work with Matt, Nikki, and Jake. Jake is really funny and a lot of fun. Nikki is not only beautiful outside, but she is just as beautiful inside. And Matt is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and I think he was the sunshine in everyone’s day. I’m really going to miss seeing them all, but it is nice to be home, sleeping in my own bed, and playing with my dogs! Speaking of sleeping….I'm heading there now! Talk to you soon!

Date 7/4/05
Hey Guys…..I hope you had a Great 4th of July Weekend! I wanted to let you know that I have only 1 more week of filming for “Trick or Treat” and then I’m hoping to be able to sit down and return a bunch of your e mails. I apologize for not being able to get to them sooner, but I have been working long days, 6 days a week, so when I’m not working……I just want to relax. Thanks for understanding and I’ll write you soon!

Date 6/29/05
Guess What!!! My brother Drew got to be an extra in “Trick or Treat” today! He was a zombie! The special effects make-up guys did such a great job on him, it was creepy to see him looking like that……like he had been dead for a long time. He was a little nervous at first, but he loved it after the first take! I’m so excited that my little brother is going to be in a scene with me in “Trick or Treat”! For me "That's Awesome"! : 0)

Date 6/26/05
I’m on the set of “Trick or Treat” and I thought I’d say “Hi”! We have been on location at a really scary looking house in West Hollywood! The house is Huge, with secret rooms, narrow hallways, and super creepy decor! We have been filming late at night and I’ll tell you one thing……I wouldn’t stay the night here for any amount of money, that’s for sure! It has been a lot of fun working with Jake Thomas; he is a super nice guy and a lot of fun to hang out with! I took some photos this week to share with you guys. You can catch them on my photos page. Talk to you soon!

Date 6/14/05
Hi Guys ~ Thank you so much for all your great messages and e mails! At first I was trying to respond to everyone, but now I’m finding it impossible to keep up. I wanted you to know that I do read every e mail I receive and I’ll try to write back to as many as I can. I think what might help out is to take the most frequently asked questions and post the answers in my Journal. I just started filming my next movie “Trick or Treat” this week. So if you don’t hear back from me right away, please remember that I’m trying really hard to write as many people back as I can, it just may take a while. Thanks so much for all your support! Keep those e mails & messages coming. I love hearing from you! You Guys Are The Best!! : 0)

Date 6/10/05
If you like shop’in, I’ve got a place for you to check out! We just got back from the ‘Mall of America” in Minneapolis, MN. Wow, is it Big and it’s the ultimate shopping place! We had a riot there! We did some TV interviews under the water with sharks (and I thought my managers like me)… well sort of anyway. … an underground aquarium at “Underwater Adventures”! It was so cool! And, we got to touch real sharks and sting rays! One of us two Taylor’s was a little nervous about touching the sharks….I won’t tell you witch one! lol! The mall also has an awesome theme park called “Camp Snoopy” with tons of fun rides. We had such a great time there! The mall had a huge Shark Boy and Lava Girl pajama party there (sponsored by Pj’s) with tons of cool things to do! We hung out with everyone and signed tons of autographed posters! Then we got to introduce a special screening of “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”! The whole day was such a blast! I really wanted to thank everyone in Minneapolis and at the “Mall of America” for being so nice to us! Thank you!

Date 6/8/05
Hey Guy’s ~ I thought I would answer some questions from my guest book: 1) No, Taylor Lautner and I are not dating and we are not boy friend and girl friend. Taylor Lautner is honestly one of the sweetest guys I know and he is a really good friend. Actually, my dad won’t let me date until I’m like 28 and Taylor says his dad is almost as bad as my dad. So Taylor doesn’t have a girlfriend either. 2) My close friends and family call me either “Tayboo” or “Boo” for short because when I was a baby, my parents started calling me that and I guess it stuck. 3) Yes, I did have to dye my hair pink/purple for the part of “Lava Girl”. I was actually really excited about it since pink is my favorite color, but man did my mom get the looks when we were not on set. 4) Yes, working on the set of Shark Boy and Lava Girl was so much fun! Both Taylor and Cayden are so nice and a lot of fun! We had a blast both on the set and when we were not working. Robert Rodriguez is the nicest person and the best director in the world. I love his family and the coolest thing about his set in Austin was that you felt like part of his family!

Date 6/5/05
The Austin Movie Premiere was so cool! We got to see the movie in an IMAX Theater and with the most advanced digital technology out there! Wooooowww is all I can say! It was so incredible! It was so crystal clear and the 3-D was so amazing! I feel so lucky to have been able to see the movie like that! I just wish that everyone could see it that way! All I can say is that if this is the way movies are going to look in the future, I can’t wait till the future gets here! I guess the reason we can’t see it that way now is because regular theaters don’t have the new digital cameras and the special big screens needed to be able to show it that way. I hope they change that soon! Anyway, The Austin Premiere was so much fun too! My Aunt and cousins from Michigan met my mom and me there! It was great to see them and my cousins loved the movie! It was so great to see all my friends from the set that I made while working on film. I can see why Robert and his family love Austin, TX so much….the people in Austin are so nice!

Date 6/4/05
Today was sssooooooooo cool!!! I had the BEST time! Today was the L.A. Premiere for……….”The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”!!! Last night I couldn’t get to sleep I was so exited!!! This morning I couldn’t wait for the limo to pick us up and take us to the premiere! When we got to the premiere it was very busy. I was taking pictures and everyone was saying “Taylor….Taylor…Over Here”! It was crazy! Then it was interview time. I did all my interviews then I got to interview everyone from Shark Boy and Lava Girl for “Extra”! That was so much fun! I asked a lot of silly questions! It was awesome to see everyone again! Then we went in to see the movie! It was GREAT!!! I love it! After we went to the “After Party”! That was soooooo much fun! They had a rock climbing wall, a “Moon Walk”, an arcade room, and a slide!!! The slide was my favorite! It was so fast! All my friends were there, Jenna Boyd (Sisterhood, Bailey), Courtney Jines (Spy Kids 3, Demitra), and Matt Underwood (Zoey 101)! I met Daryl Sabara too! He is really nice! I had the best time signing autographs, playing with my friends, seeing the movie, interviewing people, and taking pictures! Today was an awesome day!! Tomorrow is the Austin premiere! I hope it is as fun as this one was!!!

Date 6/3/05
O.K. today was really cool!!! We went to a studio this morning and did about 12 live satellite interviews to different places around the country, all from sitting in the studio here in L.A. They put these ear pieces in our ears and we could hear the people from each news station and they could see us from the camera and they would interview us live from where ever they were from! That was really cool! But one time my ear piece fell out of my ear in the middle of the live interveiw! Oh, and the best part about today is that all my family & friends from Michigan and Arizona are here and we are so excited about tomorrow because it is the L.A. movie premiere for ……....“The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”! I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight!

Date 6/2/05
Wow, now I know what “Press Junket” means! Lots and lots of interviews and really long days! LOL!! I think the coolest part is actually seeing (in person) some of the people I always see on TV interviewing stars about their movies. Like people from “Access Hollywood” and “Extra” and they were actually there to interview us kids from the movie. That part was kind of like surreal for me. I have to admit after a while all the questions started to sound the same and so did my answers, but it was still very exciting and a lot of fun!

Date 5/31/05
I got to go to “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” movie premiere tonight! It was so much fun! I laughed and cried and thought the movie was awesome! I think everyone in the movie did such a great job! America Ferrera was amazing and Jenna Boyd did such an awesome job playing Bailey! I won’t tell you what happens to Bailey, but you got to go see the movie! If you guys haven’t had a chance to go and see the movie, you have got to check it out! I think every girl out there will absolutely love it! The first thing I told my mom when we left was “We have to get that movie as soon as it comes out on video”! I give it ~ 2 thumbs up! : 0)

Date 5/20/05
We just got back from a 4 day trip to the “Big Apple” and we had such a blast! We were on the go from the minute we got there. Our first stop was Nickelodeon Studio’s, where we did an interview and then we were guests on “Nick U Pick Live” with David Arquette! That was such a RIOT! I’ve never laughed so hard, I felt like I had to ice down my cheeks, they hurt so badly from laughing! The next morning we went to Fox Studio’s to shoot a special for “Fox Saturday Morning” (you can catch it on “Fox” Saturday morning June 4th. They call it "Follow Your Dreams Morning" on 4KidsTV)! Later that night we had such a great time walking around New York City. The lights, people, and feel of the city are amazing! We went out to dinner with our managers and our friends, Joe (he does hair and make-up) and Mike (he makes and takes care of our costumes). They are so much fun to hang out with and they make eating pizza the best time ever!! LOL!! Our last day there we had a bunch of interviews and then we got to hang out with friends in Central Park. That place is huge, beautiful, and filled with people. I left loving New York City and I can’t wait to get back there! ~ I added some pic's from the trip on my photo's page.

Date 5/11/05
I had a blast today! We went to the studio to film: "The Making of....Shark Boy and Lava Girl". It’s a 1/2 hour show with lots of cool inside stuff and clips from the movie! We had so much fun shooting that! Miramax said it will be on the "Disney" and “ABC Family”. It might even be on the DVD when it comes out? After filming that, we went over to the voice studio and did some voice over stuff for the film. That was great because we got to see George Lopez again! He is so nice and makes everything so much fun! He looks awesome after his surgery and he says he feels even better than he looks! Ya, know what the coolest part about today was……they picked me up at my house in a Limo and the driver drove us around all day today. He even drove me to an audition. That was cool….first time I have ever had a driver, take me to an audition….well, except my mom, but that doesn’t count. Besides she takes me in our family mini van. Now that’s styling! lol

Date 5/6/05
We just finished shooting a couple of McDonald’s commercials for "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" & Sharkie and I had a blast! One of the commercials was for the “Shark Boy and Lava Girl” happy meals. We got to see the happy meal toys! It was really weird seeing McDonald’s Happy Meal stuff with us on it. The toys are actually really cool! It was awesome getting back into our costumes, to be "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" again!

Date 5/2/05
I just got back from visiting friends and family in Arinona. I had a blast! It was great to see everyone again! I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all my friends back in AZ! Thanks for always keeping it real with me! You guys mean a lot to me! : 0)

Date 4/18/05
I just got back from Austin, Texas! We went to do ADR (voice over stuff) for the movie. It was my first time doing ADR. I had so much fun! Seeing Robert and his boys was probably the best part! It was Robert’s son Racers 8th Birthday and we got to hang out for his party! Robert made all the kids pizza and his pizza is the best pizza in the world! He makes it from scratch (even the dough) and cooks it in his built in brick oven! It’s like a slice of heaven! Racer got a whole bunch of cool stuff for his birthday and he gave us a copy of all 4 “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl” books! They are so cool! Especially the one that is the “Illustrated Screen Play”! It is actually the entire script we used to shoot the movie, along with tons of drawing and animations we used while filming! For me it is the best keep sake! Robert said that the books will be available sometime in May! We also got to see the trailer for the movie! It looks so awesome and the special effects are going to be so cool! I know the trailer is supposed to be ready in time for “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”! I’m so beyond excited! :0)

Date 4/2/05
Wow, the month of March was a crazy month. I was so busy with appointments and auditions that I had a hard time keeping up with my school work. I had a blast though and I got to meet some really great people, out here in LA, from about the end of January until about the end of March, it is what they call “Pilot Season”. Sounds like we are all out here learning to fly plaines, right? Actually, it is when all the big networks are working on casting actors for parts in these TV shows that they have developed and got permission to make a test show. After the test shows is made, the networks bring them in front of live audiences to see what people think of them. Then sometime in the fall, all the big bosses decide which shows they are going to put on TV. It is crazy because they actually make over 100 shows and only about 20-25 shows, we’ll ever see on TV. This year was my first time getting to go out on “Pilot” auditions & it was really exciting. I got to read with Jane Leeves (Daphne-Frasier), Freddie Prince Jr. (Fred – Scooby-Doo), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe –Friends), and met a lot of great producers. It was really exciting and lots of fun!

Date 2/28/05
Thank you sooooo much for all the Great Birthday Messages and E mails! I had an awesome birthday! All my friends came over for a sleep over and we bounced on our new trampoline and almost stayed up all long enough to catch the sun coming up! Then after a couple of hours of sleep, we went up to “Six Flags” and spent the day riding roller coasters! It was a blast! Thank you guys for thinking about me on my birthday! It made me feel special! Talk to you soon!

Date 2/18/05
Hi Everyone, Welcome to my new web sight! I’m so excited! I love the way it turned out! We have a few more things we are going to add, but I hope you enjoy looking around! I really want to Thank Dan for making my site so cool! I think he did a great job!

Date 2/13/05
I went to my first movie primer today! It was for the movie “Son of the Mask”! I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first because I have never done a live interview before. After I got through the first interview the rest seemed easy and it ended up being lots of fun! They had a really cool after party with lots of fun things to do! I got to make my own cookies, play twister, and even get an animated picture of me as Lava Girl drawn! I had a lot of fun! Everyone from the movie was really nice! I wonder what my premier will be like?

Date 1/5/05
I had a blast filming “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”! What a great 1st experience! Robert and his family were so nice! I’ve been home just a few weeks and I miss them so much already! I made a lot of really good friends while I was on set! I’m so glad I got to work with Taylor Lautner (Shark Boy) and Cayden Boyd (Max)! They are two of the nicest guys I have ever met and we had such a great time! I also got to hang out with Cayden’s sister Jenna. She is such a riot to hang out with and she is also a great actress. If you get a chance check out some of the stuff she has done. She was awesome in “The Missing” and I loved “Dickie Roberts”. I’m so thankful we met because we have become very good friends! We have all kept in touch. It was so fun playing a super hero! We got to do a lot of really cool stunts. Most of them were done on a wire harnesses, like the flying and flips. One of the best parts about being Lava Girl is that I got to dye my hair pink! That is my favorite color. Man, did I get the looks in Austin!

Date 12/26/04
I had the best Christmas! I got really lucky, Santa was really nice to me this year! I got Dance Dance Revolution and my parents got me a really cool digital camera. I hope Santa was good to you too!

Date 12/16/04
I just got back home today! It is great being home in my own bed! I missed my Dad, brother and my two dogs a lot! The last day of filming was so sad! When Robert wrapped me I cried so hard, because I had such a great time and I was going to miss everyone so much! I was right….I miss them already!

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