Taylor Dooley

Actress. LOVER OF LIFE. Adventurer.

Hi guys. Welcome to my blog! I wanted to start a blog where I could talk about the things that I am most passionate about in life, like God, health, food (yum), acting, family life, style, and loving one another. I really wanted to give you guys a better look at the world through my eyes. I promise to always keep it real and be completely genuine in all of my posts. My hope is never to offend anyone, so please know that all the things I say and believe are my own beliefs and in no way do I demand that any of you feel the same as I. After all, that's what I love about people, we are all so different in wonderful ways! So let's be kind and love one another through all of life's ups and downs. I'm so excited to share my inner thoughts and feelings with you!



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